Thursday, August 03, 2006

Day 14: The Win-Loss Report

4After two full days of Mixed Teams competition, the six preliminary rounds have come to a close. Rounds 1,2,5, and 6 were completed on the general tournament topic of "The world's freshwater resources should be considered common property." Rounds 3 and 4 used limited preparation time topics in which teams and their coaches were given exactly 30 minutes to prepare their case and arguments. The topics discussed were: "the world's energy resources should be considered common property" and "the internet should be considered a global commons."

Since teams were given a rather difficult pace of research and preparation for the tournament, writing and defending a solid case was a challenging task. Interestingly, the rapid learning curve for affirmatives is clearly visible between successive general topic and limited preparation topic rounds.

Round 1 % aff win - 35%
Round 2 % aff win - 65%
Round 3* % aff win - 12%
Round 4* % aff win - 41%
Round 5 % aff win - 59%
Round 6 % aff win - 53%

More than anything else, the Mixed Teams Tournament is meant to be a learning experience for the participants, both as members of a team, and debaters in and of themselves. Simply by judging these past 6 rounds I have seen a noticeable improvement in everyone's performance and confidence and I hope the debaters have noticed it too!

Stay tuned for breaking news on the break to quarterfinals!

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