Friday, August 04, 2006

Day 15: The Final Day, the Final Rounds

The lobby is a little bit empty this morning as students sleep in on their final day of debating. Everyone except the quarterfinalists of course, who were down at 8:30 to view the postings of their first elimination round.

The quarterfinals pairings are:

Barons (Aff) vs. Super Ex Yu (Neg)
Indecision 3000 (Aff) vs. Coconut (Neg)
A Simple Plan (Aff) vs. Team Geist (Neg)
The Light Bulbs (Aff) vs. SAKE (Neg)

Good luck to all! Check back here any minute to find out the results of quarterfinals, and the semifinal pairings.

* If you're wondering what these names mean, scroll down to my post "Breaking News" to see the names of the students and coaches on each team.

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