Friday, August 04, 2006

Lost in Translation

A Study in Romanian Eloquence by Liisa Past

Liisa noticed throughout her traveles in Romania that the natives have a unique and refreshing take on the english language as well as on culinary endeavors. After seeing signs like "topless Pepsi," Liisa slowly realized that Romanians really do have more fun...and that we can have some more at their expense:

A triumph of the new school of Eastern European Minimalist Cuisine. (If Belvedere had been a four-star hotel, it would have been skinned)

We salute this restaurant for its brevity and candor. One of Liisa's braver companions confirmed that it was aptly named.

I'm really not sure what this sign was trying to say, but the mystery will surely keep us all coming back...

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L said...

But then, we must also not forget the Nonstop Complex Millenium Night Club right outside our dear Predeal.