Friday, August 04, 2006

Youth Forum Romania Debater 2006

Thanks for all the great memories...
(and just in case the captions aren't legible, here they are and you can find the places they fit on the illustration yourself!)
1. Bottle of "apa" (water) whose value greatly diminished after 4 days of studying the debate topic.
2. (Below the table) leg cramps from walking on long, cobblestone hills.
3. Mis En Place representing the theory of entropy and the human restaurant workers' unwillingness to accept the inevitable destruction caused by a lab full of debaters.
4. Debater trying desperately to read own handwriting on the graph paper given out by organizers.
5. ---Timer Around the Neck--- A metaphor for IDEA's new Limited Prep Debate and the four hour wait for the excursion bus.
6. Mod haircut that seemed like a good idea before the forum but has proven especially prone to bed-head on a four hour sleep schedule.
7. Debater psychologically disturbed due to constant organizer warnings about bears... Generalized anxiety heightened by lack of sleep due to barking dogs and partying neighbors.
8. Horrible noise from the Morning Assembly Mic.
10. Watchful eye on the restaurant staffer that rumor says might be a real Romanian vampire.
11. Youth Forum T-shirt: Generally too small and see-through white (a quality mercifully not drawn here).
12. Morning Sunshine: Free
Afternoon Humidity: Free
Chairs ruined on the balconies because of afternoon thunderstorms: Not Priceless
13. Restaurant chairs pushed back to back providing entertainment as a human jig-saw puzzle every meal.
14. Napkins tucked in water glasses that, in a debate haze, look like a flock of white bats.

Thank you Romania for a great forum!

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