Saturday, March 31, 2007

We're Going to Uganda... in July?

Why do a bunch of high school students from Oregon give up the last weekend of their Spring Break to sit in a University classroom and research issues in Sub-Saharan Africa? Because they wanna go to Uganda, of course.... during the hottest part of the year!

Competition at the Local Leadership Camp so far has been intense, with several spitting episodes, two stare-downs, and one fist fight. Who knew that US Students could be so nasty!?

But don't worry Ugandans! Students will be selected not only for their intellectual ability, but for their affability as well.

We'll keep you posted. The field gets whittled down to six by the end of this weekend. Tough choices are in store for the organizers, who will evaluate students in practice debates as well as group interviews. Good luck to everyone!

Must quit post. Doughnut break is coming up.... For those of you unfamiliar with the "doughnut break" that's where Americans stand around in a circle while eating deep-fried pastries and staring vacantly. I think I speak for everyone at the camp when I say I can't wait to introduce African students to this time-honored American tradition.

Adios from Salem, Oregon.