Friday, July 31, 2009

IDEA Exchange 2009 now accepting applications!

We are pleased to announce that IDEA Exchange 2009 will be hosted in London between December 12th and 13th at Goldsmiths University. Like previous years, the IDEA General Assembly will take place before the Exchange on December 11th. IDEA, along with Goldsmiths University and Debatewise, will host the annual event in order to provide an opportunity for an exchange of experiences, learning, and development of joint projects. The Exchange will be one of the many events organized in EU in relation to the European year of Creativity and Innovation (2009), which stresses the development of personal, social, and economic creativity and innovation. The Exchange will also be partially funded by the Europe for Citizens Program of the European Commission.

The IDEA Exchange 2009 will focus on the role of new media in debate and dialogue, participation and social change. This topic will provide an opportunity for young people to engage with various topics related to the internet and digital technologies. Participants will also explore different segments including the process of communication, debate and dialogue, participation, and action for change. Here are some possible topics for discussion, presentation, and show casing:
-Engaging youth in online debates and discussions
-Using wiki tools for debate research and communication
-Websites as tools for promotion, information and communication
-Blogging and civic engagement and participation
-Citizen journalism and youth media programs
-Social sites and networking sites
-Building online libraries and resource materials
-Online training and distance education
-New media as a tool for social change, mobilization and democratization

To shed some light on this focus, a diverse group of participants will be invited, such as teachers and educators interested in new media, young promoters of online debates and communication, social entrepreneurs and activists, bloggers, journalists, video makers, and website developers.

The Exchange will have a format similar to that of a YouthCamp, in which a group shares and learns in an open environment through discussions, demonstrations, and interaction. Presenters and workshop leaders are encouraged to sign up in advance! The structure will encourage active participation, provide flexibility and facilitate exchange. Participants may:
-Make individual or team presentations (30-45 minutes long)showcasing a methodology,project, publication, event, etc.
-Organize and participate in a panel discussion (participants are welcome to propose their own panels together with other presenters)
-Showcase a lesson, training sessions, educational exercise, etc.
-Offer training or a workshop

All participants will be asked to submit a short description of their proposed presentations/workshops and register with the event by October 1st. IDEA will offer limited scholarships to participants from the EU countries.

For further information, visit

IDEA FORUM 2010 to be hosted in the Netherlands!

We are excited to inform you that next year's IDEA International Youth Forum will take place in Zeeland Province in the Netherlands. While the Youth Forum will be supported by the Province of Zeeland, IDEA will organize it in collaboration with its partner organization, Scoop.

IDEA and Scoop have been implementing the Debate in the Neighborhood Project (DIN) since 2008, and the forum will build on the energy and excitement that the DIN project has generated. Debate in the Neighborhood aims to provide youth in disadvantaged neighborhoods with skills and knowledge necessary to understand the democratic participation, and have the means to participate in decision making processes.

We will be updating you about the progress of the preparations, exact dates, location and venue in the coming weeks.

Youth Forum Update!

We can't believe the 2009 Youth Forum is already halfway through! So much has already happened in the mountains of Jahorina, Bosnia. The Karl Popper Debate Championship, which saw 34 teams clash on a variety of topics related to climate change, culminated Monday in the beautiful city of Sarajevo. The two final teams, USA-Unicorns and Korea HAFS 1, debated in the Bosnian Parliament on the resolution: “To combat climate change, nations should use cap and trade regulations rather than impose taxes on carbon emissions.” After an exciting debate, broadcast live over Bosnian National Television, the USA Unicorns became this year's KPDC champions! Both teams had the great honor of receiving their awards from the President of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For complete results of the KPDC tournament, please download the KPDC Tournament Packet.

After the debate championships, participants have moved into one of the several labs offered at the Youth Forum. In the skills lab, debaters learn to battle anxiety, sharpen their cross examination skills, reinforce their understanding of causality and argumentation, and more. In the Mixed Teams lab, debaters from around the world are working together to draft cases for the mixed teams’ resolution: “A just society prioritized rehabilitation over retribution in its juvenile justice system.” Students entering college are learning the nuances of British Parliamentary Debate such as the cross examination to points of information, the four-team system, and writing a case in just 15 minutes. The English as a Foreign Language track works with those debaters who wish to improve their confidence in debating in a foreign language. New to the forum this year, the Coaches and Judges track trains the mixed-teams coaches to work with debaters from different areas, improve their coaching and judging skills, and develop debate programs in their own local areas.

August 1st, is one of the most exciting days at the Youth Forum, as all participants will be going on one of several scenic day trips. Individuals have the option of traveling to the Mountain of Romanija , the Bosnian Pyramids in Visoko, the capitol city- Sarajevo, or the Christian pilgrimage site of Medjugorje and the city of Mostar. Participants may also choose to stay in Jahorina to learn more about the history of the city and participate in fun sport activities all day!
The Mixed Teams and British Parliament tournaments will take place on August 2nd – 4th. Just like the Karl Popper Debate Championship, these tournaments will include six rounds and will conclude the day before the last day of the Youth Forum. There is still much fun to be had at the 2009 Youth Forum!

Don’t forget to keep yourself updated with photos, videos, and news stories from the Forum at

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Preliminary round of WODC commences!

Debatewise and IDEA are pleased to announce that the preliminary round of the inaugural World Online Debating Championships (WODC) has started. This is to decide which debating teams from the United States of America, Israel and China will go on to represent their country in the Championships on August 10th.

These teams will compete in a straight knockout tournament lasting just over a month. This is a joint initiative between the International Debate Education Association, Debatewise, and the World Universities Debating Council (some of whose members are acting as Adjudicators, with Neill Harvey Smith being the Chief Adjudicator).

The championships are taking place in a time of great international economic, political and social turmoil, and domestic discontent across many countries. We believe strongly that never before has the need for debate by individuals of whatever race, age, gender, creed, physical or neurological condition from the quiet or noisy corners of the globe has been greater than now.

Currently we have strong representation from across Asia with teams hailing from Bangladesh to the Republic of Korea, a variety of the ex Soviet countries in Eastern Europe as well as teams from the major debating powers Australia the USA and the UK. We also hope to have some teams representing regions as well.

The winners of the World Online Debating Championships will be revealed on September the 21st and will receive a suitable reward for their commitment, intelligence and passion over the past month. Regardless of who wins or loses, we hope that bringing people together from different countries will strengthen global discourse.

IDEA Youth Forum: KPDC Finals

USA team Unicorns did better debating over the team Korea and won the Karl Popper Debate Championship, held in the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The topic for this year KPDC finals was:

To combat climate change, nations should use cap and trade regulations rather than impose taxes on carbon emissions

The Champions: USA Unicorns

The Runner-up: Korea

One door closes, another opens

The national competition is over (congratulations Team America) and two busloads of participants have just left the hotel. There were some great and smart people here and I bet more than a few are disappointed they didn’t win.

Well fear not dear debaters, there is a second chance to become a world champion. The World Online Debating Championship, a partnership between IDEA and Debatewise, launches on the 10th August and there are still a couple of places left for teams from certain parts of the world.

So many people from America, China and Israel wanted to take part we had to organise preliminary rounds to determine who would represent their country. These started yesterday and if you go to you’ll see a debate about experimenting on prisoners, one about surrogate mothers being able to profit financially and two about assisted suicide (all four US teams get to debate the same subject).

Other teams come from Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Dubai, England, Estonia, India, Indonesia Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Scotland, Singapore and South Africa. If your country isn’t listed here and you would like to call yourself a World Champion (plus win a beautiful trophy) email me, and I’ll let you know more.

You can also find out more here

Good luck

Saturday, July 25, 2009

KPDC Round #1 in 30 sec

Watch 30sec video of the Karl Popper Debate Championship Round #1 at the IDEA Youth Forum

or you can see this slideshow from IDEA's flickr account

Friday, July 24, 2009

The annual IDEA Youth Forum kicks off!

IDEA's biggest, and longest running, event has finally arrived! The 15th annual Youth Forum kicked off today in the beautiful city of Jahorina, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The trainers of the forum arrived on July 21st to prepare for the forum, while the other 200 guests checked in yesterday for a pre-youth forum welcome.

Every day at the forum is jam-packed with different events and tasks for trainers, coaches, judges, and most of all, for debaters. In preparation for the Karl Popper Debate Championship on Monday, each day of the forum entails several labs and prep times for Karl Popper debaters. There will also be three or four workshops offered daily for debaters in the International New Debaters Track.

The Youth Forum is rigorous for all, but there is also plenty of time for fun! Many social events and field trips have been organized to help participants unwind from their daily activities. Games, sports, movies and music have been arranged for every evening. Tonight features a cultural night about the host country, which will include dancing, singing, and costumes from the culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina. A drum workshop is scheduled for Saturday night and Cultural Expo night is on Sunday, which features a festival and exhibition of the diverse cultures at the forum.

Monday is especially exciting because everyone will travel to Sarajevo. This day traip will include the KP Debate Championship, a carnival walk through the city, a tour of the city, all topped off with a cocktail party that night.

Until the end of the forum on August 5th, everyone at the Youth Forum will be learning new skills, expanding their cultural knowledge, and enjoying all the fun activities.

It's my Future

Video created by the participants of the Climate Advocacy Institute.

IDEA Youth Forum: First 2 days in 269 photos

Trainers meetings, Arrivals, Welcome Party, Opening Ceremony and Demo Debate in 269 Photos. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Youth Forum trainers prepare to host guests from around the globe!

On July 21, twenty-three skilled trainers were welcomed to the 2009 IDEA Youth Forum in Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The next day, they began preparing for the forum at the "Training of Trainers" sessions, where they exchanged their best training tips and finalized strategies for each track at the forum. They worked vigorously to prepare for the arrival of 200 debaters, coaches, IDEA staff and guests.

On July 23rd, particpants attending the 2009 Youth Forum arrived from thirty different countries: Australia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, the Phillipines, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, United Kingdom, and USA.

The Youth Forum website will be updated daily with reports on activities, photos, videos, and online blogs. Online debates will also take place during the elimination rounds of the Karl Popper Debate Championship on July 24th- 27th while they are taking place. For more information on how to join the online debates and more, visit the Youth Forum website!

13 for 350

Chapbook with 13 protest poems written by the participants of the Climate Advocacy Institute. 350 is the Number.

350 is the Number

Read the Online magazine created by the Art and Performance track participants at the Climate Advocacy Institute.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Youth Debate project holds national finals in Bucharest, Romania

The national finals of the Youth Debate project held on May 31st and June 1st in Bucharest, Romania, was organized by the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation. The two best speakers of the tournament, Cluj Napoca and Calin Muresanu, were both from the ARDOR network; and the team from Emil Racovita National College won the tournament.

The tournament topics focused on the difficulties the Roma minority faces in Romania. The quarter finals discussed the censorship of racist statements on the internet. The semi-finals covered the inefficiency of Roma education, and the finals centered on the continuation of affirmative measures for the Roma minority.

Many honorable guests attended the tournament, such as Ms. Oana Badea, the Secretary of State from the Ministry of Education. She expressed how important it is to introduce debates in school curriculum, so that projects like this may reach a wider range of schools. Other guests that attended the tournament include:

Csaba Asztaloz (President- National Council of Anti-Discrimination)
Ms. Monica Anghelescu (Councilor- National Agency for Interethnic Relationships- Councilor)Ms. Maria Mota (President- National Agency for Equal Opportunities between Men and Women)
Valeriu Nicolae (Open Society Institute)

Several other organizations that made this tournament a success include ARDOR, Debate House, the Impreuna Agency for Community Development, the National Network of the Young Roma, and the Open Society Institute - A Decade of Roma Inclusion.

Oana Stanciu, Debate House, and Monica Mocanu, ARDOR

Climate Advocacy Institute participants venture to the site of the Odyssey

It's been really hot in Turkey these past 10 days, but that hasn't stopped more than 80 youth climate activists from all over the world from sharing ideas and building the connective tissue of the 350 movement. There's nothing that warms our hearts more than watching young people build power and beginning to lead in their communities.

The photo you see above is taken in one of the oldest amphitheaters on earth, in Ephesus, Turkey. The ancient bard Homer, author of the Odyssey, was born and lived much of his life only a few dozen kilometers away. This past Wednesday we took time off from all the hard work and took a day trip to Ephesus, our minds abuzz, spinning with thoughts of our own personal Odysseys to climate activism -- how we got here, and where each of us will go after this amazing experience.

It was incredible to be part of 80 youth cllimate leaders standing on one of the oldest spots on this side of the earth to shout out the 350 message! It also reminded us that we have a long way to go. 80 of us will not solve the problem alone, so we have to become nodes of action back home -- small flames burning around the world, spreading like wildfire as October 24 approaches.
We have to tell stories, like Homer did, weaving in our own personal courage while inspiring people to action. We must embark upon a new global Odyssey, joining together and turning the boat towards a brighter future. That's why we're here in Turkey -- to turn the boat towards 350 and begin sailing that direction.

We still have a week to go during which we will bring the knowledge we’ve been building up in our different tracks into our discussions of climate change and the 350 campaign. But most important are the deepening friendships we have fostered in this very short time, but which will survive into the future.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

BorFest 2009

Global Debate winners to attend second annual Youth Leadership Summit

This year’s Youth Leadership Summit will be held from July 16th to the 18th in New York City at the UN Millenium Plaza next to the UN headquarters. The participants will meet with UN officials and climate change experts, learn about climate science and how to share that knowledge within their communities, and perform environmental community service in New York City. In partnership with IDEA and NFL, the United Nations Foundation invited the ten teams from the U.S. and the six international teams who won the 2008/2009 Global Debates contest. Each qualifying school is provided with airfare and lodging for four students and two teachers. Click here to view the list of winning teams.

Global Debates occur twice every year- once in the fall and in the spring. The points from each contest are accumulated to decide which teams qualify for the Youth Leadership Summit in the summer. In each contest, participants must complete a service project, submit an e-portfolio of the service project, and send in a recording of their debate. Teams can earn additional points by completing more activities, such as creating a video game, a blog, or a public service announcement. This year’s global debate topics were: “Developed countries have a higher obligation to combat climate change,” and “The world should adopt our plan to significantly combat climate change.”

Since the Global Debate topics always focus on climate change, teams can start thinking about projects for next year. The topic for the 2009/2010 fall and spring Global Debates will be announced soon!
Click here to register for the next Global Debate.

Climate Advocacy Institute concludes

The Climate Advocacy Institute, a three-week course on climate change-related advocacy through debate, performance art and new media, ends this week. The Institute gathered 80 high school and college-aged activists in Dikili, Turkey, on the Aegean Coast, to collaborate on advocacy projects, and develop the tools needed to spread awareness in their communities.

This year's Institute was a collaboration among IDEA, Tactical Tech,, and Bloomfield College. Many thanks to everyone, especially the students, for making this year's Institute a success! Videos are available on the
IDEA blog. Check them out, and create your own advocacy toolbox for free!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Youth Forum judges announced, documentarian requests debate photos and footage from participants

Hired judges for the KPDC
We were glad to see that 24 people responded to the call for Extra judges for the KPDC. The Forum Coordinator and Chief Adjudicator have selected the following individuals who will complete the judging panel with their extensive experience:

Arielle Dundas (NL/USA)
Dominik Moskovan (CR)
Kai Klandorf (EST)
Matej Kurian (SR)
Miroslav Josic (CRO) and
Spela Kunej (SLO).

Introducing another member of the Youth Forum team: Bas Voorwinde, Youth Forum filmmaker
Allow me to introduce myself: I am Bas Voorwinde, a Dutch filmmaker who will make a short, documentary style, film on the Youth Forum 2009. For most of you this will mean nothing more than seeing me walk around with a camera possibly catching you on film here or there.

For now I have one favor to ask: Could you bring any, any, ANY footage or photography you have of yourself participating in debates or in any IDEA-related activities?

The reason for this is very simple; I would, somewhere in my short film, like to give an impression of just how international IDEA and Youth Forum participants really are. Unfortunately I cannot go with you to all your home countries to film you there (that would be too good to be true) so I am counting on you all to help me out! It doesn't matter whether it was filmed on the most professional camera ever or your mobile phone, bring it with!

Once you are at the Forum I will introduce myself again and you can give whatever material you brought to me on a dvd or any other format really. You can also send it to the Youth Forum Coordinator via email before or after the Youth Forum, even if you are not attending this particular one!

Many thanks for now and I will see you all soon!


Protest Poetry Slam

The Climate Advocacy Institute: Performance and Art Advocacy

Drama Lesson

The Climate Advocacy Institute: Performance and Art Advocacy

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thursday, July 09, 2009

ARDOR announces 
Best Debaters 2009

Best Debaters 2009, July 6th-8th in Bucharest, took place under the auspices of the Prime Minister of the Romanian Government, Mr. Emil Boc. The event brought together some of the most talented members of the Romanian debate community – 2009 world champions, 2008 national champions, both high-school and university students and also “veterans” of the debate movement, with over 10 years of experience in the field of academic debate.

The best teams after the preliminary rounds from 7th July were qualified in the grand finale, held on 8th July, at the Victoria Palace – headquarters of the Romanian Government. The topic for the debate was “This house believes it is better to study at a foreign university than at a Romanian one”. One of the teams playing in the finale will have as a special member the Prime Minister of Romania, Emil Boc, who displayed a real interest for this debate, as he is also a university professor and as this is a very up-to-date topic for the Romanian youth.

View photos of the event online.
Monica Mocanu, Romanian Association of Debate Oratory and Rhetoric (ARDOR)

Be the Change

Peace Child International has launched the Be the Change! program (BTC!) to encourage youth involvement in local community action and development projects. Through small-scale grants for projects, youth can be the change they wish to see in their communities.

If you are below 25 years of age and have a project that concentrates on the development of your community at a local level, carefully read the program requirements and submit your proposal to Peace Child International.

Be the Change! staff will assist you in identifying your own local issues, priorities and problems and will also help you to create your own solutions.

The application deadline is October 31, 2009. To find out more, visit the site.
IDEA is not affiliated with Peace Child International or Be the Change

Teachers of Entebbe, Uganda complete debate training

July 3rd and 4th remain memorable days in the educational history of Entebbe, Uganda. Teachers of English and debate patrons from 10 schools within the municipality were trained in modern debates and refreshed on how to integrate debate into the curriculum for the promotion of leadership, public speaking, analytical and critical thinking skills.

Participants from over 10 schools were excited about the program and hoped for more trainings of this kind, since this opportunity was rather rare for this long-forgotten area. Participants resolved to organize annual debate tournaments and selected a four-person committee that will be mentored and coached by the trainers so that they can help organize tournaments in the Entebbe Municipality.

The local leadership couldn’t wait to throw their support behind the project. The District Education Officer, the Inspector of Schools and the Hon Muhammad Kauma MP Entebbe Municipality all attended. Hon Kauma remarked, “This is so far the first serious youth program that has come up since I was elected to parliament and I can’t wait to support [it],” says Hon Kauma.
IDEA trainers in Uganda facilitated this debate training.
Muhindo Johncation, Ugandan Debate League Program

IDEA-NJFL Nationals a huge success

The seventh annual National Middle School Forensics Tournament was held June 26-28, 2009 at St. Mary’s Hall in San Antonio, Texas, and co-sponsored by IDEA and the National Junior Forensic League (NJFL). Attending the tournament were more than 240 students from 35 schools spanning 13 states, the territory of Saipan and the guest country of South Korea. Those students constituted more than 550 entries across a dozen speech and debate events.

Champion students in each of the events included:
Policy Debate: Aritra Biswas & Shalina Chatlani, St. Andrew’s Episcopal
Student Congress: Alexa Palomo, St. Mary’s Hall
Lincoln-Douglas (Co-Champions): Ben Liu & Michael Portal, Sidney Lanier
Public Forum: Viveka Advani & Nikita Datta, Capitol Debate
Prose: Callum Morrison, St. Mary’s Hall
Poetry: Sahil Bhaiwala, The Pike School
Humorous Interpretation: Jared Naylor, St. Mary’s Hall
Dramatic Interpretation: Dane Schnake, Raymore-Peculiar
Impromptu: Harry Wood, The Pike School
Extemporaneous Speaking: Gregory Ross, Sidney Lanier
Original Oratory: Caroline Ford, Stonewall Academy
Duo Interpretation: Parker Evans and Bryce Prior, Brentwood Academy

For more details, visit the National Forensic League.

Crafting the Message to Inspire Action (part4)

The Climate Advocacy Institute: Advocacy and New Media Track Lecture

Crafting the Message to Inspire Action (part3)

The Climate Advocacy Institute: Advocacy and New Media Track Lecture

Crafting the Message to Inspire Action (part2)

The Climate Advocacy Institute: Advocacy and New Media Track Lecture

News from the Climate Advocacy Institute

Facilitators are posting videos of the Institute as the action happens. Watch them all below!

A debate track update from instructor David Douglass:
The Debate and Argumentation track at the CAI has gotten off to a terrific start. Our group is comprised of a wide range of nationalities and interests, but everyone shares a passion for public advocacy. We began our first week by getting to know each other, and then established a grounding in debate and argument theory.

We discussed the classical roots of democratic societies, and examined the ways that public discourse contributes to social change. We zeroed in on fundamental skills of affirmative and negative argumentation, cross examination, and points of information. After that, we covered various styles of debate, with a focus on British Parliamentary, World Schools, and Karl Popper.

Each session involves a great deal of engagement and varied exercises that bring participants together for discussion and argument, so there's never a dull moment. Yesterday, we held our first full set of debates, with four-person teams and adjudication--it was a blast!

Passionate arguments made in the open air next to the gentle waves of the dark-blue Aegean--what could be better than that? Beachcombers stopped to listen, and even the seagulls seemed impressed by the authority of our rhetoric.

Today we're taking a day off for an excursion to an ancient city, but tomorrow we'll be back at it. We'll be holding a tournament next week, so our work now will culminate in a grand competition involving topics related to the environment. Stay tuned!

David Douglass is Interim Dean to the College of Liberal Arts, as well as a professor of Rhetoric and Media Studies, at Willamette University

IDEA and DebateWise to hold first World Online Debating Championship

Debatewise and IDEA are proud to announce the first ever World Online Debating Championship and formally invite you to take part.

This is an innovative competition and presents a new form of debating. 32 countries will take each other on in a knockout tournament open to anyone.

It takes place over the Internet, so you can participate from any place at any time. Debate with people from all over the world, and get to understand them better, all without leaving home.

Plus, you have a full 24 hours to craft your arguments to perfection.

The competition is being run by Debatewise in collaboration with the International Debate Education Association; Chief Adjudicator is Neill Harvey-Smith, the President of the World’s Debating Council. Round 1 will start on August 10th and the winner will be declared on September 21st.

To find out more, including how to enter, please email or visit and we’ll be delighted to help. The closing date for registration is Sunday, July 19th.

Crafting the Message to Inspire Action

The Climate Advocacy Institute: Advocacy and New Media Track Lecture

What Makes a Successful Campaign: Team Work Presentation

The Climate Advocacy Institute: Advocacy and New Media Track Lecture

What Makes a Successful Campaign: Intro

The Climate Advocacy Institute: Advocacy and New Media Track Lecture

What Makes a Successful Campaign: Intro

The Climate Advocacy Institute: Advocacy and New Media Track Lecture

The Climate Advocacy Institute: Participants Intro

Tha Climate Advocacy Institute: Intro

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Climate Advocacy Institute Updates

We are in the second week of the Climate Advocacy Institute held in Turkey from 28 June -18 July. More that 80 students are participating in the following Institute Tracks:
Please visit the Climate Advocacy Institute website where you can find updates for the Institute, videos from the track session, presentation, manuals, handouts and more.

Overview of the first week in 127 photos: The Climate Advocacy Institute

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Impressions of the Youth Forum venue...

On June 2-5, IDEA-NL staff members Marcin and Veronika visited the venues for this year's Youth Forum in Jahorina and Sarajevo, BiH. Although the Hotel Bistrica is not exactly the type of 4-star hotel you would expect in larger cities, the personnel are very nice and ready to help. A great indoor hangout area features table tennis, pool tables, games, gym equipment and a swimming pool. Outside, there are basketball, volleyball and football (soccer) courts.

Marcin and Veronika also tasted the dishes that would likely be served during the Forum, and decided they were tasty and generously portioned (even for guys). And because many BiH citizens eat halal food, the hotel is accustomed to catering to special diets.

Youth Forum staff are enthusiastic and creative in using every space the hotel has to offer. DO check the schedule and photos for a preview of the social and after-lab activities!

The finals will be held in the building of Parliament in Sarajevo!

Youth Forum calls for more judges

More judges are needed for the Karl Popper Debate Championship portion of the IDEA Youth Forum, taking place July 23-27 in Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Three reasons to accept this invitation:
  1. Judge at a tournament hosting 40 teams and have a rare chance to mingle with over 200 people from 30 countries around the world.
  2. Attend a day of workshops to improve your judging skills.
  3. The Forum features fun evening activities such as the Country Expo (exhibition of all cultures present at the Forum), BiH night (exhibition and active participation in various aspects of Bosnian and Herzegovinian culture), dance and percussion workshops, sports and more.
IDEA will cover your participation fee, so all you need to do is get to Sarajevo's airport or train/bus station and we will take it from there! Don't miss this unique opportunity! Contact Veronika Vlckova ASAP!
For requirements, please visit the site.

IDEA-NL board member to be interviewed for documentary

In late July, IDEA-Netherlands board member Virginija Paksiene of Lithuania will be interviewed for Daily Life in Europe, a documentary commissioned for the new Visitors Center of the European Parliament, Brussels.

During documentarian Viviane Blumenschein’s stay in Lithuania, she will capture the personal stories of Paksiene and one of her students. Blumenschein also plans to cover “Youth for Europe, Europe for Youth,” a project Paksiene implements as Executive Director of the Informal Education Debate Center. Paksiene‘s project, “Youth Debates in the Baltic States,“ received a grant from the European Parliament in 2008.

Daily Life in Europe will share the European Parliament’s positive impact throughout Europe with 54 personal stories told in 27 countries.