Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One door closes, another opens

The national competition is over (congratulations Team America) and two busloads of participants have just left the hotel. There were some great and smart people here and I bet more than a few are disappointed they didn’t win.

Well fear not dear debaters, there is a second chance to become a world champion. The World Online Debating Championship, a partnership between IDEA and Debatewise, launches on the 10th August and there are still a couple of places left for teams from certain parts of the world.

So many people from America, China and Israel wanted to take part we had to organise preliminary rounds to determine who would represent their country. These started yesterday and if you go to www.debatewise.com you’ll see a debate about experimenting on prisoners, one about surrogate mothers being able to profit financially and two about assisted suicide (all four US teams get to debate the same subject).

Other teams come from Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Dubai, England, Estonia, India, Indonesia Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Scotland, Singapore and South Africa. If your country isn’t listed here and you would like to call yourself a World Champion (plus win a beautiful trophy) email me, dc@debatewise.com and I’ll let you know more.

You can also find out more here www.debatewise.com/wodc

Good luck

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