Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Preliminary round of WODC commences!

Debatewise and IDEA are pleased to announce that the preliminary round of the inaugural World Online Debating Championships (WODC) has started. This is to decide which debating teams from the United States of America, Israel and China will go on to represent their country in the Championships on August 10th.

These teams will compete in a straight knockout tournament lasting just over a month. This is a joint initiative between the International Debate Education Association, Debatewise, and the World Universities Debating Council (some of whose members are acting as Adjudicators, with Neill Harvey Smith being the Chief Adjudicator).

The championships are taking place in a time of great international economic, political and social turmoil, and domestic discontent across many countries. We believe strongly that never before has the need for debate by individuals of whatever race, age, gender, creed, physical or neurological condition from the quiet or noisy corners of the globe has been greater than now.

Currently we have strong representation from across Asia with teams hailing from Bangladesh to the Republic of Korea, a variety of the ex Soviet countries in Eastern Europe as well as teams from the major debating powers Australia the USA and the UK. We also hope to have some teams representing regions as well.

The winners of the World Online Debating Championships will be revealed on September the 21st and will receive a suitable reward for their commitment, intelligence and passion over the past month. Regardless of who wins or loses, we hope that bringing people together from different countries will strengthen global discourse.

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