Thursday, July 02, 2009

Impressions of the Youth Forum venue...

On June 2-5, IDEA-NL staff members Marcin and Veronika visited the venues for this year's Youth Forum in Jahorina and Sarajevo, BiH. Although the Hotel Bistrica is not exactly the type of 4-star hotel you would expect in larger cities, the personnel are very nice and ready to help. A great indoor hangout area features table tennis, pool tables, games, gym equipment and a swimming pool. Outside, there are basketball, volleyball and football (soccer) courts.

Marcin and Veronika also tasted the dishes that would likely be served during the Forum, and decided they were tasty and generously portioned (even for guys). And because many BiH citizens eat halal food, the hotel is accustomed to catering to special diets.

Youth Forum staff are enthusiastic and creative in using every space the hotel has to offer. DO check the schedule and photos for a preview of the social and after-lab activities!

The finals will be held in the building of Parliament in Sarajevo!

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