Thursday, July 09, 2009

Teachers of Entebbe, Uganda complete debate training

July 3rd and 4th remain memorable days in the educational history of Entebbe, Uganda. Teachers of English and debate patrons from 10 schools within the municipality were trained in modern debates and refreshed on how to integrate debate into the curriculum for the promotion of leadership, public speaking, analytical and critical thinking skills.

Participants from over 10 schools were excited about the program and hoped for more trainings of this kind, since this opportunity was rather rare for this long-forgotten area. Participants resolved to organize annual debate tournaments and selected a four-person committee that will be mentored and coached by the trainers so that they can help organize tournaments in the Entebbe Municipality.

The local leadership couldn’t wait to throw their support behind the project. The District Education Officer, the Inspector of Schools and the Hon Muhammad Kauma MP Entebbe Municipality all attended. Hon Kauma remarked, “This is so far the first serious youth program that has come up since I was elected to parliament and I can’t wait to support [it],” says Hon Kauma.
IDEA trainers in Uganda facilitated this debate training.
Muhindo Johncation, Ugandan Debate League Program

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