Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Indifference NOW!: TPSDM 2006: The People Shut Dey Mouths!

Not to be confused with the People Speak 2006, this is the official launch of the first annual The People Shut Dey Mouths (TPSDM) 2006. In honour of the great leaders of the past who forcibly silenced and oppressed those that disagreed with them, The People Shut Dey Mouths is a great new initiative that anyone can get involved with. All you have to do is . . . nothing! That’s right, The People Shut Dey Mouths is the only global campaign that you can get involved with by NOT being involved.

Historian Arnie Toymee believes, “People have been silent for ages and The People Shut Dey Mouths is just one way to celebrate a longstanding precedent of disinterest, apathy, and general laziness. If there’s nothing in it for me, then why should I try?”

Indeed, one look at the facts points to how being silent is much more of a traditional way of life, than speaking out against injustice, poverty, and prejudice. In fact, the last several millennia of human history show very little change in human behaviour: people were mean and stupid thousands of years and ago and, sustaining that image, people continue to harm one another, the environment, and, best of all, remain silent.

For psychologist Dr. Pill, “People do not behave in ways that makes them put in any extra effort, unless they are being paid. And, even then, if they can get money without putting in any effort, then that’s what people will go for. It’s all in my new book, Why I Suck . . . but Can Still Get So Rich that I Urinate Gold – it teaches you ways to make easy money while sitting on your lazy buttocks.”

Environmentalist, economics activist, and self-professed “natural man,” Ralph Nuder thinks, “First of all, we need to become more natural by taking off all of our clothes.” When asked if there is anything else to help save the environment, Nuder responded with a thoughtful, “No. Just getting nude is enough. After you’re free of the mask of civilization, you can do what you want. Go lie on the couch and watch television. Order a pizza. Punch out your neighbour . . . whatever.”

Evil Industrialists United (EIU) admit: “Nowadays, we don’t have to silence people too much anymore, because they really do it themselves – that makes our job much easier. Back in the old days, we had to worry about protesters and idealists. But, now, so long as there is a good CSI episode on, people will be too busy to complain about anything.”

Coinciding with The People Shut Dey Mouths, 2006, the Guinness Book of World Records is holding a “LIE DOWN!” for poverty challenge. The aim is to get millions of people around the world, on October 15th and 16th, 2006, to lie down in a united effort to say, “I really don’t care about the world or its problems.” For Calvin Puritannami, the ability to sleep through serious issues affecting human beings is a sign of natural intellect, cunning, and, overall genius – so, start snoozing! Guinness advises people to take a nap for poverty – LIE DOWN! First, eat a huge meal, because that usually helps you sleep better. Then, find a comfortable place to nap. And, in your heart, you will know that millions of others are doing the same! If you cannot afford a big meal or if you do not have access to food, but would like to participate, don’t worry, after the dizziness, you too will collapse anyway – so, there’s no excuse. Stuff your face and LIE DOWN! for poverty!

By Dalbir

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

They're everywhere...

I was in a pub the other night and was ordering a pint of the good stuff at the bar when eek! - I saw one of Them. ‘Them’ are a thankfully small classification of Americans who still refer fondly to WWII when explaining to Europeans why they should treat him/her with more courtesy, respect, free beer, whatever because of the US’ role in ending the Second World War. Mr. Them was wearing his sportiest polo, khaki shorts, cashmere socks, and tasseled loafers and was tossing back a pint of Guinness with his equally fussy wife. He was in his mid-fifties and was probably about 2 years old when WWII ended. Nonetheless, when he didn’t get waited on in the time frame he had apparently set for a refill, he began to talk loudly, calling the overworked bartender, “Son’ and telling him to – and I quote - ‘get that glass filled chop-chop. You know if it weren’t for us, you’d all be speaking German.’ Several young guys who didn’t understand the reference snorted at this and one even threw a bar peanut at him. Uh-oh. Two young German tourists shouted, ‘Leck mich du arschloch’ which prompted the fellow pub patrons to shout an encouraging hurrah for our new German friends despite not knowing what the heck they said, but having an otherwise – pretty good idea. Mr. Them was clueless about the reaction that he caused but it didn’t take him long to sense that his fellow barmates were none too pleased with his arrogance in relation to the rest of the world. His smug smile fell from his face, he slid his empty glass down rather forcefully on the bar, told his wife quite loudly that they were leaving, and they stormed out. As they were making their dramatic exit, the pub goers were yelling various ‘good-byes’ – none of which encouraged Mr. and Mrs. Them to return anytime soon. Pity.

As I then placed my order with my newly found Canadian accent, I began to wonder at how the average American actually saw their place in the world and if they actually believed that it was a positive place. I wondered at how insulated and isolated the US is physically as well as mentally. The evening news in my hometown of Chicago featured muggings, car accidents, government scandals, weather, sports, and MAYBE a minute or so on international affairs. The evening news in most countries I have visited feature much more international coverage and well – everyone else seems to be just that much more aware that there are other countries in the world. Mr. Them made me very aware that if Americans are so proud of their Number 1 status and wish to continue being the world’s ‘protectors’, then they need to recognize that with that status comes tremendous responsibility. We have not yet lived up to that responsibility. Everytime an American worries about global warming, they need to recognize their contribution to the problem. Everytime an American complains about ‘those terrorists’, they need to consider ways to mediate peace and make their elected officials hear the voice of reason and peacemaking, rather than figure out new countries to bomb and invade which furthers exacerbates the problem. Everytime an American shakes their head as they watch heart-wrenching commercials about the thousands of children dying needlessly everyday, they need to get their government to respect the pledge that they made to the United Nations 36 years ago to give a set percentage of their budget to development aid. So thank you, Mr. Them for leaving the pub when you realized your comments were not welcome. I had a much better night without you there. Thank you to those no-holds-barred German girls for putting Mr. Them in his place. And thank you to Dalbir whose constant tirades against America has caused me to want to study Canada at a much deeper level. Uh-oh – I’m becoming one of Them…….

An Introduction...

The Millennium Development Goals (or MDGs - for people in the know) were created and agreed to by 191 nations in 2000. All 191 nations agreed to these time-bound goals which they felt were ambitious but achievable. They all agreed to work towards achieving all 8 Goals by 2015. To get an idea of what these Goals are and what they mean, click to find out about Achieving the Millennium Development Goals . Christian Picciolini from Chicago created this great video to introduce you to the MDGs and he wants to share it with you. Thanks Christian. To everyone else - watch, listen, and learn....

The US in the Context of the Global Climate Change

"We will not do anything that harms our economy, because first things first are the people who live in America; that's my priority."
~ G.W. Bush on trashing the Kyoto Protocol

"Of course by people who live in America he means corporate CEO's."
~ Oscar Wilde on the previous statement

"And as if the American people are somehow immune to the effects of the global climate change."
~ Mark Twain, concurring

Our friend Oscar Wilde unambiguously raises an interesting point. Oscar means to say that the corporate interest should not be confused with the interest of millions of unsuspecting, SUV-driving US citizens who would hug the environment at any given time.

Out of 200 world's biggest corporations, 82 are based in the US. The US is also the world's biggest polluter. Consequently, it is the one that can contribute with the biggest share to a change, the one that can steer the international events and standards. And it's not like the US does not know hot to steer, quite the contrary. The question of "What's in the global environmental effort for the United States?" deserves an immediate answer: A WHOLE LOT.

This leads me to my next point. The US policies are alarmingly dependant on the influence of the corporate lobby. Many Washington politicians have enjoyed dinners and trips paid for by corporate lobbyists who seek favorable laws and deregulation. Many voices are saying that the whole Iraq war was nothing but a venture for the control of the rich oil fields. Powerful international bodies such as the WTO and the WB, in which the US exerts quite a bit of influence, are often accused of smothering the developing countries with specific liberalization of trade that favors huge corporations (many of which, as established before, are from the US). How is all of this related to the US in the context of the global climate change? I believe our good friend Oscar Wilde can explain it.

"As long as the US government will be working for the interest of "the people who live in America" (see above for my interpretation), rather than the American people and the people of the world as well, we cannot have an across the board successful international effort to curb the global climate change."
~ Oscar Wilde

"True, Oscar, true. And who else, if not the people themselves - the Americans and their counterparts in other parts (what a pun!) of the world - can push for a change?"
~ Mark Twain

"Neo from the Matrix?"
~ Oscar Wilde

"No, Oscar. That was a rhetorical question."
~ Mark Twain

"Oh, OK."
~ Oscar Wilde

The great writers have spoken. I have tried to contribute with my share as well. What do you think? Let The People Speak!

P.S. Any complaints on the views expressed should be directed to either Oscar Wilde or Mark Twain.

By Augustas Baliulis

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Wanna Get Pissed off?

Maybe you have seen that vintage footage of that 'Do they know it's Christmas?' video that is REALLY old and makes you wonder who the heck half of those people are. Maybe you caught some of what Bono and Bob Geldof have been going on and on about. Defiinitely you have seen Brad Pitt sporting the new white wristband for ONE. They're all talking about something called the MDGs or the Millennium Development Goals. I first heard about them from a group of people who figured I surely MUST know what they were - "After all, Nancy - you did LIVE in Africa." Sure I lived in Africa, but the people there probably didn't know what an MDG was either - they just lived it everyday and they didn't have a fancy acronym for it. So, I did a little research, a few googles, and found out that they are a very involved set of 8 goals that the world plans to reach by 2015. These are some pretty hefty goals at that - halving the rate of hunger and poverty, stopping the death of millions of people from the biggies of AIDS, malaria, and TB, saving kids from early deaths, getting the environment healthy, making sure every kid gets an education, and oh yeah - making sure all nations work together to do all this and more. The more I read, the more I was sucked in by it all. The more I really liked Bono and the more I felt really pissed off. I mean - come on - half of this stuff is a no-brainer but we can't seem to get it straight and help these people. So, I have taken it upon myself to bring you MDG enlightenment and help you get really pissed off too. You might think that you've got enough to be plenty pissed off about already, thank you very much. But this stuff - oh, and I love this - provides a positive outlet for your new pissed off-edness. Being ticked off at my mother doesn't really help anyone, much less my complaining about her to my best friend. But being ticked off about the state of healthcare in developing countries and letting people know that you're ticked off might actually help. If you tell enough people about it and get others pissed off in return about the MDGs, someone from the US with the money and resources may get pissed off enough to help out one of those poor developing countries by maybe providing immunizations in a town or village. Then that rich American feels so good about all those people that he saved by giving free immunizations, that he tells his golf partner about it and the golf buddy funds immunizations for the next two villages. See how that works? And those kids who are alive because they dídn't die from diphtheria have you to thank. So come on, get really pissed off with me as we head towards MDG enlightenment. We've only got 9 more years to go...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The United States Needs a HUG!

This year's The People Speak (TPS) main them is: "Working Together with the World: What's in it for the United States?"
In other words,
the US will force affirmative teams to imagine the US cares about working with the rest of the world. Please help out the self-esteem of the United States; the nations of the world need to make the US feel special about itself once again. Through TPS, you can do your part. Give the US a hug through a TPS debate.

At least, it’s great to see how such a topic will test a debater’s creativity, imagination, and ability to lie.

Working Together with the World: What's in it for the United States?

Nothing. The US doesn’t care about the world. The US doesn’t have to care about the world, because it’s the US. That’s why they are called the US – it’s “us” and nobody else. “US” doesn’t care about “THEM,” “Those Hundreds on Earth that don’t Matter.”

Reflections on the Three Topic Areas
TPS 2006 has three main sub-topics that organizations can build debate tournaments around. Let's unravel the logic behind these topics.

(1) "Peace, Security, and Human Rights."
To quote every beauty queen in history, "If we had world peace, there would be no need for security, because we'd all respect one another's human rights . . . and the children are our future -- issue solved." Next?

(2) "Energy and Global Climate Change."
I don't know if I have the energy to deal with this topic. Instead, I will go for a long drive in my car, spraying aerosal cans directly at birds, while dumping nuclear waste in kindergartens. Don't worry, the kids won't be afraid. I'll just tell them we're turning their schools into Shrek's swamp.

(3) "Millennium Development Goals."
Now all of the topics make sense. With the way the world lacks peace, security, and human rights, and with the way the world faces an energy crisis, and global climate change, there will be no countries left by the next millennium -- except, of course, the United States. What's in it for the United States? By the next millennium, the United States will be the only nation left on a globe flooded with polluted water, while oil-drenched birds fly through the smog, bobbing for land mines, and coughing up Guilders.

The People Speak and They Are Heard Part II

You've asked, complained, whined, and cajoled about getting an extra copy of the contents in the Forum DVD. You wanted the contact list so that you could email that cute debater you saw hanging out in the lobby. You wanted the pictures in order to reminisce fondly over the good ol' days. (which were only 2 weeks ago) Well, we've heard your requests, and thanks to Bogdan and the other organizers, this Jeanne is able to grant you your 2 wishes: contact list and photos. [No, you only get 2 wishes, the 3rd wish is for that poor Romanian kid down the road. He needs it more than you do, so stop being selfish.]
Stalking Tool
Forum Terk Jerkers

*Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to open the contact list and winzip to open the photos.

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Post Your Picture Links

There's only one sure-fire way to dull the pain of Forum-sickness...with pictures! Once you've uploaded your pictures to the internet, comment on this post with the link so that everyone can see them!

Here are the picture sites I know of so far...

Margo: Photos
Ana: Photos
Simon: Photos
Evelin: Photos
Radmila: Photos
Marija: Photos and More Photos
Bill and Mary: Photos

Thursday, August 17, 2006

iDebate, uDebate, we-all-Debate

In a moment of productive desperation during the afternoon lull, I googled iDebate to see what it would find. Voila! This little gem popped up to the forefront of searches. Originally spoofing the 2004 US presidential election's debates, it was evidently just made for us! Coincedence? I think not! Perhaps this is all a part of the conspiracy theory that is the IDEA Guilder world.

Also on that very relevant note, Mr. Speaker, I would like to point out that IDEA is now coming out with podcasts! Soon it will be iDebate on your iPod.

*This image was featured in macminute.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Friday, August 11, 2006

Sharing is Caring

Remember those mysterious people, who lived day and night in the little basement room, known as the media program? Those people, who we never saw, unless it was for interviews and blinding papparazzi-like flashes outside our room doors. Well, ever wonder why they were in hiding? Or better yet, what were they hiding?! It turns out that they've been secretly hording a stash of photos that they have of the forum, and today, this brave blogger has ventured into the media den and brought back these photos for your viewing pleasure.
And to the youth media students, always remember: Sharing is Caring.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

At last, The People Speak and they are listened to

IDEAopoly is fun for the entire debate club,
even for those debaters who really suck

Do you like debating? Do you enjoy a good game of Monopoly? Have you ever been faced with the tough life decision of choosing to debate OR play Monopoly? Well, you'll never have to deal with such a torturous dilemma again, because now you can do BOTH, with IDEAopoly!

Parker Brothers have teamed up with IDEA to come out with the very first limited collector's edition of IDEAopoly, which merges the boring world of debate with the exciting world of earning fake money! Deliver podcasts, have a debate tournament, and earn IDEAopoly money, I mean, Guilders.

There are several new playing characters to choose from, such as the stopwatch, pen, writing pad, and even toilet paper! Oh no, you landed on the disgruntled judge. Do not pass Go, do not collect your speaker points, go straight to jail, which, in IDEAopoly is a show debate by IDEA trainers. In place of the typical railroards, there are different debate formats, like Lincoln-Douglas, Karl Popper, British Parliamentary, and Trash Talking. Land on PodCast and earn ten million Guilders!

Play IDEAopoly and be the only one to earn the most Guilders! Now, all IDEA needs to do is figure out a way to give away Guilders whenever we play video games.

Warning: Parker Brothers is not responsible if an IDEAopoly player becomes addicted to gambling Guilders to bet on TPS debates.

Fascinating Fact: Guilders are worth more than the currency in all non-EU countries.

New and Improved IDEA Merchandise!

WOW! For only three Guilders, you can now buy IDEA toilet paper. It's two-ply, so that means it's extra strong, and extra soft. IDEA toilet paper is perfect if you have a weak digestive tract; just carry along a roll when you go to your next tournament and have to face not only difficult competition, but also questionable food. More than just regular toilet paper, IDEA toilet paper also doubles as a handy note pad.

IDEA toilet paper . . . it's great for everyone's rebuttal.

Please Note: Guilder . . . it's not only a frontier. (The previous sentence was a perhaps obscure reference to the Guilder frontier in William Goldman's The Princess Bride).

Today a Guilder, Tomorrow, the WORLD

Soon this entire map will be covered in yellow and blue

Since its inception, IDEA has issued certificates to forum participants, and, for the past several years, IDEA has issued its own passports. Now, in the form of “Guilders” IDEA finally has acquired its own currency. For years now, IDEA has secretly held the status as one of the world’s first virtual nations. But, now, if the proper geographic location is found, IDEA will soon become a bona fide nation-state. In fact, current evidence points to IDEA’s movement towards national self-determination.

Last week, at various outposts, IDEA was witnessed amassing an army. Troops were engaging in a wide variety of drills, which were excused as “routine.” An IDEA executive claimed, “They’re just a bunch of kids practicing team-building games.”

According to historians, the best
team building activities involve
the armed takeover of a neighbouring

Not all onlookers readily accept IDEA’s public relations machinery. For retired British captain, Joseph Davey Cunningham, “This all seems rather odd. Who in their right mind would engage in team-building for the sake of “practice”? For one, nobody team builds unless they are forced to. And two, has anyone noticed that the bloody forum is over?” Clearly aggravated, shortly after this interview, the esteemed and honest J.D. Cunningham suffered a heart attack.

Promptly handling criticism, IDEA’s vast, ominous, and highly funded PR machine, a giant supercomputer named Judy Two-Bottoms, explained, “The forum may be over, but at IDEA, ‘beep-beep,’ we continually test, ‘beep-beep,’ varying team-building games, ‘beep-beep.’ Our lab of genetically-modified researchers, ‘beep-beep,’ work around the clock devising different methods, ‘beep-beep,’ so complete strangers can embarrass themselves in front of one another ‘beep-beep, ka-choo’.”

Winston Churchill (no relation to the twentieth century leader) disagrees. Winston, an underage circus performer working illegally in England, shook his fuzzy head, “Me don’t thinky me trust IDEA – me no likey da sounds of dat.”

Agreeing with Churchill, a revived Captain J.D. Cunningham fumed, “It’s a disgrace is what it is! Come to your senses, you mindless curs! IDEA is amassing a ruthless army for ruthless military takeovers. They have ruthless troops positioned in three strategic locations!” Cunningham revealed a war map, to angrily point out, “Look! Troops on the west coast, at Willamette Military Academy, and here, on the Eastern naval port of the new York . . . ruthless!” Cunningham gathered his breath and then after settling his rage, continued, in a whisper, “Worst of all . . . they have highly mobile troops in the Netherlands . . . they can reach any major European centre in a matter of hours.” At this point, the honourable, if hot-heated, J.D. Cunningham twirled a lozenge against his teeth and, then, suffered another heart attack.

Recently, two IDEA interns, known by their codenames Lizzie and Jeanne, admitted to having unwittingly collected reconnaissance information. “Lizzie” revealed, “I thought I was just taking pictures at the last forum, but when I returned to the States, they seized my camera, in exchange for five guilders, and told me to draw a map for an underground tunnel system. When I told them I didn’t know what they were talking about, they seized my laptop and they changed my name to Elizabeth.” When specifically asked whom “they” referred to, a distraught Jeanne simply replied, “You do NOT want to know.” Like her colleague, Jeanne’s name was also hastily altered to the more cumbersome Jeannepalooza.

Where will IDEA attack? This question remains unanswered, but the ever-resilient J.D. Cunningham, has a theory. Clutching his chest, Cunningham gasped, “IDEA will attack who ever they want to, because they are BIG BROTHER. Three words: The People Speak!” At this point, the passionate Cunningham suffered yet another heart attack, laughing it off with a sip of the Queen’s finest brandy, to add, “Heart attacks don’t frighten me, but IDEA does.”

Novelist Dan Brown believes this is all the work of the Knights Templar, “IDEA is actually run by a secret organization consisting of a long line of global conspirators.” Appreciative of his own advanced intelligence, Brown confidently smirked, “It’s simple really. TPS, or The People Speak, is an anagram for ‘IDEA will henceforth monitor every debating move you make for a Guilder.' The People Speak is a means for IDEA to rule by having informants in every country reveal all of their secrets by themselves. It’s ingenious really.”

While some, perhaps a few or none, may see IDEA developing into a network of mutual exchange and cooperation between educators through interesting programs such as TPS, all the evidence points to IDEA becoming a maniacal nation-state with severe imperialist intentions. The world is one step away from being under the full sway of IDEA’s evil tyranny.

Here is the famed IDEA secret spy satellite,
used by IDEA "intelligence," (the term is used
in the most generous sense). The IDEA satellite
costs only 3.2 billion Guilders!

Post Forum Blues

Hello, youth forum-depressed participant!
We all know that in the days since the youth forum, we've been bearly (haha!) able to tear our thoughts away from Romania. In fact, since you're neurotically checking this blog every nanosecond for updates, it's clear that you're one of the many suffering from PFB (Post-Forum Blues, a phrase copyrighted by our very own in-house saint, Ronna). Everyone deals with their PFB's in different ways. Some of us keep our watches on Romanian time until it becomes unbearably messy to subtract 7 hours everytime. Some others have been busy coming up with crackpot ideas for podcasts and IDEA Skype accounts. (shameless plugging: that's right! You can now phone in and leave a brief debate-related message that might be aired!) Others, like myself, have been blogging away our pains. Your favorite overly grown Slovenian trainer has been blogging about Youth Forum wrap-ups, complete with photo and visual aids at Simon's BLOG. If you have also been channeling your PFBs into words or photos, please do email the finished products or links to us, so that we can share them with everyone. Sharing is caring. And blogs should be considered common property. (email:
PFB-er (Prozac Feeding Blogger, a counter agent to Post-Forum Blues)

Cast Your Vote!

Over the past few weeks, Margo and Jeanne have been locked in an intense dispute over the true character of a much beloved trainer. So we thought, why not let the public decide? Cast your vote to settle this question once and for all: which one is the real Jeanne?

To vote, look for the blue box at the top of the left sidebar
May the best Jeanne win...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Here are the results

Results of both KP Debate Championship and Mixed Team Tournament were given to all delegations on the DVD. Yesterday, I also posted the full results on the Youth Forum website.

Click here for KP Debate Championship results

Click here for Mixed Team Tournament results

We used IDEA Easy Tournament software to tab both tournaments. To obtain the latest copy of this free software, please contact the author Marjan Stojnev (

Monday, August 07, 2006

Resolved: This Forum Should Conserve the World's Water

August 7th, officially 2 days since the first bus left Predeal, 3 days since the closing ceremonies, 4 days since the waterworks and overwhelming nostalgia started attacking our emotion systems. According to certain reliable sources such as, of the 250 some participants at this year's Youth Forum Romania, about 75% of participants shed at least one tear, the cause of which was directly linked to the ending of the Forum. (25% were heartless robots, most likely alien adjucators) Certainly, the 10 or more Forum couples must have started a few rivers upon parting; after all Korea is still a good 20 hours away from Romania even by plane.

Therefore, the statistics clearly show a problem with the conservation of water and I resolve that: this forum should conserve the world's water. To clarify the round, I offer the following definitions: world is defined as international. Water is defined as H2O of which the human body is composed of 80%. Thus, individual international participants at the Youth Forum are considered as World's Water.

The evidence above has already proven that there is an undeniable problem at the forum regarding the conservation of water. Too much water is wasted during departures in the form of unstoppable tears. An estimated amount of as much as 200L of fluids. That's enough water for a whole African village. (And we all know how desperate every African village is for water and all of Africa's just a desert) We shouldn't have the luxury of crying when a poor Ethopian child doesn't have the luxury to pee.

I think the blame here is even clearer: the Forum ends. It's a finite two week event, which ends in a heartbreakingly abrupt manner. Now obviously the participants have little ability to control themselves after two weeks of sleepless nights and all day labs, so it's not a mindset problem. No, this affirmative believes that the cause of this serious environmental hazard is that IDEA ends the Forum on August 5th. And we all know that IDEA is not an evil body, but rather that they just don't have enough money to keep hosting the forum. So, my plan is that the UN will give money to IDEA to keep the Forum going forever. The UN will want to do this, because they like to help people. UNESCO, UNEP are UN bodies, famous for simply being willing to throw money at impossible policies. They'll help too. The World Bank and IMF may want to chip in as well. Oh, let's not forget Bill and Melinda Gates. After all, it's not if any of these people actually want to give the Forum the funds, but that they should.

Clearly, my fantastic plan solves the problem of water conservation, because if the Forum never ends, then no one will cry over departures and water will thus be safely conserved and contained within our bodies. Ergo, benefits:
#1: Solvency of the problem.

#2: All the Forum trainers will be employed forever, as well as the hotel staff who provides us with a neverending supply of wiener snitzle and french fries. Thus, my plan will also solve the unemployment problem concerning graduated debate trainers and natives of Predeal. The world's labor problem is solved. The ILO will be happy.

#3: All the unconsumed wiener snitzles and french fries provide essential nutrients for the scavenging bears. If the Youth Forum wasn't around to waste food, the bears would go hungry, which would result in two disadvantages: 1) Hungry bears is animal rights violation (PETA won't be happy) and 2) Hungry bears will attack Predeal in search of food. So my plan will prevent all those problems, protect animal rights and human rights at the same time!

#4: Lastly, how can any plan be successful without providing for world peace? Well my plan, which is evidently flawless, provides for world peace because the Forum, as we all know, encourages cultural diversity and increases intercultural exchange, which is the first step to world peace.

So in conclusion, my plan is perfect, conserves water, solves unemployment, protects all living creatures' rights, and leads to world peace, rainbows, sunshines and all things idealistic. If you believe in any of those things, then you must vote affirmative, otherwise you're a fascist.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

We ain't afraid of no bears ... (now that we've left Predeal)

Keeping ourselves safe from the bears of Predeal did keep us occupied during the Forum. However, this Romanian cow, visited during our day of excursions, showed what he thought of the bears.

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The Votes Are In: Forum Trainer of the Year Named by Unanimous Vote

IDEA was fortunate this year to have a great assorment of experienced trainers. However, we were particularly pleased to have with us a special guest trainer, a Master Trainer, who sadly could only stay with us for a few days. However, IDEA wants to thanks Tajus for the wonderful job that he did. He was the unanimous choice as Trainer of the Forum. Posted by Picasa

Students thank Tajus for enlightening them. Posted by Picasa

Tajus shows students how to propery research the water topic. Posted by Picasa

Tajus reacts to a poorly constructed argument. Posted by Picasa

Trainers and loyal assistant react to Master Trainer Tajus's insights. Posted by Picasa

Final Round - Mixed Team Tournament

There were no pictures of the final on the blog, so I figured I'd add one. Indecision 3000, the eventual winner, is sitting on the right. Posted by Picasa

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