Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Post Forum Blues

Hello, youth forum-depressed participant!
We all know that in the days since the youth forum, we've been bearly (haha!) able to tear our thoughts away from Romania. In fact, since you're neurotically checking this blog every nanosecond for updates, it's clear that you're one of the many suffering from PFB (Post-Forum Blues, a phrase copyrighted by our very own in-house saint, Ronna). Everyone deals with their PFB's in different ways. Some of us keep our watches on Romanian time until it becomes unbearably messy to subtract 7 hours everytime. Some others have been busy coming up with crackpot ideas for podcasts and IDEA Skype accounts. (shameless plugging: that's right! You can now phone in and leave a brief debate-related message that might be aired!) Others, like myself, have been blogging away our pains. Your favorite overly grown Slovenian trainer has been blogging about Youth Forum wrap-ups, complete with photo and visual aids at Simon's BLOG. If you have also been channeling your PFBs into words or photos, please do email the finished products or links to us, so that we can share them with everyone. Sharing is caring. And blogs should be considered common property. (email:
PFB-er (Prozac Feeding Blogger, a counter agent to Post-Forum Blues)

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