Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The US in the Context of the Global Climate Change

"We will not do anything that harms our economy, because first things first are the people who live in America; that's my priority."
~ G.W. Bush on trashing the Kyoto Protocol

"Of course by people who live in America he means corporate CEO's."
~ Oscar Wilde on the previous statement

"And as if the American people are somehow immune to the effects of the global climate change."
~ Mark Twain, concurring

Our friend Oscar Wilde unambiguously raises an interesting point. Oscar means to say that the corporate interest should not be confused with the interest of millions of unsuspecting, SUV-driving US citizens who would hug the environment at any given time.

Out of 200 world's biggest corporations, 82 are based in the US. The US is also the world's biggest polluter. Consequently, it is the one that can contribute with the biggest share to a change, the one that can steer the international events and standards. And it's not like the US does not know hot to steer, quite the contrary. The question of "What's in the global environmental effort for the United States?" deserves an immediate answer: A WHOLE LOT.

This leads me to my next point. The US policies are alarmingly dependant on the influence of the corporate lobby. Many Washington politicians have enjoyed dinners and trips paid for by corporate lobbyists who seek favorable laws and deregulation. Many voices are saying that the whole Iraq war was nothing but a venture for the control of the rich oil fields. Powerful international bodies such as the WTO and the WB, in which the US exerts quite a bit of influence, are often accused of smothering the developing countries with specific liberalization of trade that favors huge corporations (many of which, as established before, are from the US). How is all of this related to the US in the context of the global climate change? I believe our good friend Oscar Wilde can explain it.

"As long as the US government will be working for the interest of "the people who live in America" (see above for my interpretation), rather than the American people and the people of the world as well, we cannot have an across the board successful international effort to curb the global climate change."
~ Oscar Wilde

"True, Oscar, true. And who else, if not the people themselves - the Americans and their counterparts in other parts (what a pun!) of the world - can push for a change?"
~ Mark Twain

"Neo from the Matrix?"
~ Oscar Wilde

"No, Oscar. That was a rhetorical question."
~ Mark Twain

"Oh, OK."
~ Oscar Wilde

The great writers have spoken. I have tried to contribute with my share as well. What do you think? Let The People Speak!

P.S. Any complaints on the views expressed should be directed to either Oscar Wilde or Mark Twain.

By Augustas Baliulis

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