Wednesday, August 09, 2006

At last, The People Speak and they are listened to

IDEAopoly is fun for the entire debate club,
even for those debaters who really suck

Do you like debating? Do you enjoy a good game of Monopoly? Have you ever been faced with the tough life decision of choosing to debate OR play Monopoly? Well, you'll never have to deal with such a torturous dilemma again, because now you can do BOTH, with IDEAopoly!

Parker Brothers have teamed up with IDEA to come out with the very first limited collector's edition of IDEAopoly, which merges the boring world of debate with the exciting world of earning fake money! Deliver podcasts, have a debate tournament, and earn IDEAopoly money, I mean, Guilders.

There are several new playing characters to choose from, such as the stopwatch, pen, writing pad, and even toilet paper! Oh no, you landed on the disgruntled judge. Do not pass Go, do not collect your speaker points, go straight to jail, which, in IDEAopoly is a show debate by IDEA trainers. In place of the typical railroards, there are different debate formats, like Lincoln-Douglas, Karl Popper, British Parliamentary, and Trash Talking. Land on PodCast and earn ten million Guilders!

Play IDEAopoly and be the only one to earn the most Guilders! Now, all IDEA needs to do is figure out a way to give away Guilders whenever we play video games.

Warning: Parker Brothers is not responsible if an IDEAopoly player becomes addicted to gambling Guilders to bet on TPS debates.

Fascinating Fact: Guilders are worth more than the currency in all non-EU countries.

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Anonymous said...

LOL! "Jail, which, in IDEAopoly is a show debate by IDEA trainers"... Hilarious :)