Friday, August 11, 2006

Sharing is Caring

Remember those mysterious people, who lived day and night in the little basement room, known as the media program? Those people, who we never saw, unless it was for interviews and blinding papparazzi-like flashes outside our room doors. Well, ever wonder why they were in hiding? Or better yet, what were they hiding?! It turns out that they've been secretly hording a stash of photos that they have of the forum, and today, this brave blogger has ventured into the media den and brought back these photos for your viewing pleasure.
And to the youth media students, always remember: Sharing is Caring.


Radmila said...

Huh! I tried maybe 20 times to open the site again and again but these pictures cannot be displayed :(((((. At the same time all other photos in the blog are ok. Is the problem in my computer or Internet?
Well, I really wanna see them, can somebody send me a mail with them:

Kajar said...

Radmila is right, the pictures don't work in my browswer either. I'm not sure, maybe it's a firefox thing?

jeanne said...

OK, so I think I fixed the problem. I re-uploaded all the pictures rather than linking them from a URL, so hopefully that works. Let me know if they still don't show up.