Friday, July 31, 2009

IDEA Exchange 2009 now accepting applications!

We are pleased to announce that IDEA Exchange 2009 will be hosted in London between December 12th and 13th at Goldsmiths University. Like previous years, the IDEA General Assembly will take place before the Exchange on December 11th. IDEA, along with Goldsmiths University and Debatewise, will host the annual event in order to provide an opportunity for an exchange of experiences, learning, and development of joint projects. The Exchange will be one of the many events organized in EU in relation to the European year of Creativity and Innovation (2009), which stresses the development of personal, social, and economic creativity and innovation. The Exchange will also be partially funded by the Europe for Citizens Program of the European Commission.

The IDEA Exchange 2009 will focus on the role of new media in debate and dialogue, participation and social change. This topic will provide an opportunity for young people to engage with various topics related to the internet and digital technologies. Participants will also explore different segments including the process of communication, debate and dialogue, participation, and action for change. Here are some possible topics for discussion, presentation, and show casing:
-Engaging youth in online debates and discussions
-Using wiki tools for debate research and communication
-Websites as tools for promotion, information and communication
-Blogging and civic engagement and participation
-Citizen journalism and youth media programs
-Social sites and networking sites
-Building online libraries and resource materials
-Online training and distance education
-New media as a tool for social change, mobilization and democratization

To shed some light on this focus, a diverse group of participants will be invited, such as teachers and educators interested in new media, young promoters of online debates and communication, social entrepreneurs and activists, bloggers, journalists, video makers, and website developers.

The Exchange will have a format similar to that of a YouthCamp, in which a group shares and learns in an open environment through discussions, demonstrations, and interaction. Presenters and workshop leaders are encouraged to sign up in advance! The structure will encourage active participation, provide flexibility and facilitate exchange. Participants may:
-Make individual or team presentations (30-45 minutes long)showcasing a methodology,project, publication, event, etc.
-Organize and participate in a panel discussion (participants are welcome to propose their own panels together with other presenters)
-Showcase a lesson, training sessions, educational exercise, etc.
-Offer training or a workshop

All participants will be asked to submit a short description of their proposed presentations/workshops and register with the event by October 1st. IDEA will offer limited scholarships to participants from the EU countries.

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