Monday, July 13, 2009

Youth Forum judges announced, documentarian requests debate photos and footage from participants

Hired judges for the KPDC
We were glad to see that 24 people responded to the call for Extra judges for the KPDC. The Forum Coordinator and Chief Adjudicator have selected the following individuals who will complete the judging panel with their extensive experience:

Arielle Dundas (NL/USA)
Dominik Moskovan (CR)
Kai Klandorf (EST)
Matej Kurian (SR)
Miroslav Josic (CRO) and
Spela Kunej (SLO).

Introducing another member of the Youth Forum team: Bas Voorwinde, Youth Forum filmmaker
Allow me to introduce myself: I am Bas Voorwinde, a Dutch filmmaker who will make a short, documentary style, film on the Youth Forum 2009. For most of you this will mean nothing more than seeing me walk around with a camera possibly catching you on film here or there.

For now I have one favor to ask: Could you bring any, any, ANY footage or photography you have of yourself participating in debates or in any IDEA-related activities?

The reason for this is very simple; I would, somewhere in my short film, like to give an impression of just how international IDEA and Youth Forum participants really are. Unfortunately I cannot go with you to all your home countries to film you there (that would be too good to be true) so I am counting on you all to help me out! It doesn't matter whether it was filmed on the most professional camera ever or your mobile phone, bring it with!

Once you are at the Forum I will introduce myself again and you can give whatever material you brought to me on a dvd or any other format really. You can also send it to the Youth Forum Coordinator via email before or after the Youth Forum, even if you are not attending this particular one!

Many thanks for now and I will see you all soon!


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