Friday, July 31, 2009

Youth Forum Update!

We can't believe the 2009 Youth Forum is already halfway through! So much has already happened in the mountains of Jahorina, Bosnia. The Karl Popper Debate Championship, which saw 34 teams clash on a variety of topics related to climate change, culminated Monday in the beautiful city of Sarajevo. The two final teams, USA-Unicorns and Korea HAFS 1, debated in the Bosnian Parliament on the resolution: “To combat climate change, nations should use cap and trade regulations rather than impose taxes on carbon emissions.” After an exciting debate, broadcast live over Bosnian National Television, the USA Unicorns became this year's KPDC champions! Both teams had the great honor of receiving their awards from the President of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For complete results of the KPDC tournament, please download the KPDC Tournament Packet.

After the debate championships, participants have moved into one of the several labs offered at the Youth Forum. In the skills lab, debaters learn to battle anxiety, sharpen their cross examination skills, reinforce their understanding of causality and argumentation, and more. In the Mixed Teams lab, debaters from around the world are working together to draft cases for the mixed teams’ resolution: “A just society prioritized rehabilitation over retribution in its juvenile justice system.” Students entering college are learning the nuances of British Parliamentary Debate such as the cross examination to points of information, the four-team system, and writing a case in just 15 minutes. The English as a Foreign Language track works with those debaters who wish to improve their confidence in debating in a foreign language. New to the forum this year, the Coaches and Judges track trains the mixed-teams coaches to work with debaters from different areas, improve their coaching and judging skills, and develop debate programs in their own local areas.

August 1st, is one of the most exciting days at the Youth Forum, as all participants will be going on one of several scenic day trips. Individuals have the option of traveling to the Mountain of Romanija , the Bosnian Pyramids in Visoko, the capitol city- Sarajevo, or the Christian pilgrimage site of Medjugorje and the city of Mostar. Participants may also choose to stay in Jahorina to learn more about the history of the city and participate in fun sport activities all day!
The Mixed Teams and British Parliament tournaments will take place on August 2nd – 4th. Just like the Karl Popper Debate Championship, these tournaments will include six rounds and will conclude the day before the last day of the Youth Forum. There is still much fun to be had at the 2009 Youth Forum!

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