Thursday, July 16, 2009

Global Debate winners to attend second annual Youth Leadership Summit

This year’s Youth Leadership Summit will be held from July 16th to the 18th in New York City at the UN Millenium Plaza next to the UN headquarters. The participants will meet with UN officials and climate change experts, learn about climate science and how to share that knowledge within their communities, and perform environmental community service in New York City. In partnership with IDEA and NFL, the United Nations Foundation invited the ten teams from the U.S. and the six international teams who won the 2008/2009 Global Debates contest. Each qualifying school is provided with airfare and lodging for four students and two teachers. Click here to view the list of winning teams.

Global Debates occur twice every year- once in the fall and in the spring. The points from each contest are accumulated to decide which teams qualify for the Youth Leadership Summit in the summer. In each contest, participants must complete a service project, submit an e-portfolio of the service project, and send in a recording of their debate. Teams can earn additional points by completing more activities, such as creating a video game, a blog, or a public service announcement. This year’s global debate topics were: “Developed countries have a higher obligation to combat climate change,” and “The world should adopt our plan to significantly combat climate change.”

Since the Global Debate topics always focus on climate change, teams can start thinking about projects for next year. The topic for the 2009/2010 fall and spring Global Debates will be announced soon!
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