Monday, April 13, 2009

IDEA-NFL Qualifier in Korea Wraps Up

Last weekend students from ten different high schools in Korea came together to compete in the fourth-annual IDEA-NFL Qualifier Tournament. After two busy days of debate and one packed day of speech events, Korea’s top forensics students were selected to participate in 2009 NFL National Tournament in Birmingham, Alabama. This year saw six rounds of Public Forum Debate, four rounds of Original Oratory, and three rounds each of International Extemp, Interpretation and Duo Interpretation.

Out of a pool of over 60 students, 9 were selected to represent Korea at the 2009 NFL National Tournament. They are:
Public Forum Debate
1st Place (Qualifier for NFL Nationals in Birmingham, Alabama): So Hyun Eum and Jeewon Yoo (Daewon Foreign Language High School)
2nd Place (Qualifier): Moon Yeol Lee and Joo Yeon Kim (Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies)
3rd Place (1st alternate): Won Young Choi and Joonpyo Sohn (Daewon)
4th Place (2nd alternate): Dennis Park and Yeeun Chun (Seoul International School-SIS)

International Extemp
1st Place (Qualifier): Keunho Choi (Hanyoung Foreign Language High School)
2nd Place (1st alternate): Jason Huh (SIS)
3rd Place (2nd alternate): Justin Song (SIS)

Original Oratory
1st Place (Qualifier): Sejin Paik (Korea International School-KIS)
2nd Place (1st alternate): Jae Yeon Jeong (Jungdong High School)
3rd Place (2nd alternate): Jaewon Kim (Daewon)

Duo Interpretation
1st Place (Qualifier): Hannah Kim/Kristin Chung (KIS)
2nd Place (1st alternate): Ella Jeong/Audrey Park (Yongsan International School of Seoul- YISS)
3rd Place (2nd alternate): Jimmy Kim/Woojin Kim (YISS)

Dramatic Interpretation
1st Place (Qualifier): Haeun Park (YISS)
2nd Place (1st alternate): Megan Song (KIS)
3rd Place (2nd alternate): Sukyeon Won (SIS)

Thank you to this year’s host, Hanyoung Foreign Language High School, and to the judges and coaches for their assistance. To the qualifiers-- congratulations on your success and good luck in June!

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