Saturday, August 21, 2010

Complete list of Youth Forum winners released and 2011 location announced

Congratulations to all the winners at the 2010 IDEA Youth Forum tournaments! The full results, including tournament winners and best speaker awards, are listed here.

The champions of the Karl Popper Debate Championship are members of Team Lithuania, followed by the runner-up team from the UK. Also, congratulations to Steven Rajavinothan (UK), Jakub Langr (Desceptatio Incapax), and Daniel Bregman (UK), who won the top three KPDC best speaker awards.

The Mixed Team Track tournament was won by Mojmir Stehlik, Subhi Khoury, Bram Wasti and Alexander Bondarau from team Rh1nos. The best speaker award went to Diana Li (Team United), second place was awarded to Jihwan Chang (So Not Sarcastic team), and third place went to Emma Smith (Muffinsss team).

The British Parliamentary Tournament was won by Andrei Petre-Melinte and Ioan Nascu from Romania. The top three speakers of the tournament are Dovile from team Trotsky, Kaspar from team Trotsky, and Calin from team Lady and Tramp.

The Spirit Award, recognizing the participant that fostered a positive, encouraging and respectful spirit of the Youth Forum, was awarded to coach Radu Cotacea from Romania and debater Abdulkader Elyas from Botswana, with a special mention to Ethan Sheffield (USA).

From the Coaches and Judges Track, Mihail Fridman from Belarus was recognized for being proactive and involved and was ready to learn more at all times. From the International New Debaters track, Yordan Yordanov (Captain Jack’s team) was recognized as he ranked highest of all former IND track members in the Mixed Team Tournament best speaker results.

Also, the location of the 2011 Youth Forum has been announced! Next year’s forum will be held in Istanbul, Turkey July 19th - August 1st. For more information, visit the official Youth Forum website.

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