Tuesday, September 28, 2010

World Debate Forum

Registration for World Debate Forum now open!

Every year debaters and enthusiasts from far corners and dense centers of the world converge in one spot to compete, debate and celebrate their community. In the short period of time dedicated to determining champions, debaters also explore other challenges - like how to improve adjudication, how to develop debate, sharing methods to raise funds.

There are also those who are use debate outside of tournaments - teachers, advocates, community workers, budding politicians; who look to improve what they do by interacting with other debaters. Given there isn't even enough time during Worlds to fully discuss how to improve Worlds, there definitely isn't enough time to talk about how debate can improve the world we live in.

A few interested people, with the co-operation of Botswana Worlds and IDEA, are organizing the Worlds Debate Forum. It will take place immediately after Botswana Worlds, from the 4th to 7th of January and will be held at a hotel or resort close to the University of Botswana.

The World Debate Forum aims to bring together 3 distinct but related debate communities - the competitive debaters, debaters in advocacy and debaters in education - with the hope that together they will make each other and debate stronger.

The goal is not to run an academic conference and the emphasis is not on publications or journals. The idea is to make easy for people to share ideas, find other people who are interested in the same ideas. To dedicate time to solving problems and finding people who can help you solve problems.

You can also participate online, suggest topics for discussion and register for the forum at www.worlddebateforum.org. Go there now to find out more! Email questions to info@worlddebateforum.com.

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