Sunday, May 01, 2011

Canglong Cup in Wuhan, China

From April 21-24, IDEA helped organize and train at the Canglong Cup in Wuhan, China. The event, held at the Hubei School of Economics, consisted of one day of training and two days of competition.

The event had two divisions: English BP debate and Mandarin BP debate. Both divisions were very well-attended with 40 teams participating in English and 24 in Mandarin.

The motions for the event were:
  • Demo Debate (English and Mandarin): THW abolish the one child policy.
  • Round 1: THW end manned spaceflight.
  • Round 2: THW give the death penalty to people who endanger the safety of the public food supply.
  • Round 3: THBT NATO should use ground forces to support the rebels in Libya.
  • Round 4: THW make it a crime for scholars to commit plagiarism.
  • Semi-finals (English and Mandarin): THW ban non-essential cosmetic surgery
  • English Finals: THW increase the number of permanent members on the UN Security Council
  • Mandarin Finals: THBT citizens should be able to veto their government’s decision to build a nuclear power plant near their city.

Many thanks to the organizer, Isabel from HBUE, and trainers Yang Ge and Rowena from China and Michael Baer from the US. Here are a few photos - more photos and results will come soon!

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