Friday, January 22, 2010

Mark your calendars for the 2010 IDEA YouthExchange this April

Hosted by IDEA-Netherlands, the 2010 IDEA YouthExchange will be held on April 10th-11th in Budapest, Hungary. This event brings together youth from around the world for a weekend of presentations, discussion, and fun. This year's YouthExchange will focus on the promotion of democratic values and combating populism in public discourse, particularly through the use of new media, from around the world.

Like all other IDEA Exchanges, the YouthExchange uses the format of a bar-camp style, which provides flexibility while encouraging active participation and facilitating exchange. During the event, participants will present their work to one another, discuss ideas, and have fun! Financial aid is available for participants from Hungary and abroad. For more information, visit the YouthExchange website or Facebook page. To register, click here.

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