Friday, July 02, 2010

Call for extra judges for 2010 IDEA Youth Forum

The 2010 IDEA Youth Forum is looking for extra judges, who would be able to judge at the IDEA Karl Popper Debate Championship taking place in Vlissingen, the Netherlands from July 22-27, 2010. Currently we have 52 teams and would need about 7 more judges, to ensure high quality judging!

We will cover your participation fee (your accommodation, food, insurance), so all you need to do, is to get to Vlissingen train station and judge at the KPDC. We might ask a few of you to serve as a coach for a team that does not have their own coach. For more information and conditions, please see below and please contact Veronika Vlckova, the Youth Forum Director ASAP!

If you are interested please send your CV, highlighting your debate judging experience and briefly answer a few questions below to give us a better picture:

How long have you been debating and how long have you been judging? Please specify how many tournaments a year have you attended (please specify this separately for judging and debating)? How many rounds do these tournaments have? What is their size? Are they local, national or international? What is the official language used at the tournament? Have you received any awards (individual or team achievements)?

How many international competitions have you attended in the last 3 years? Please list them and specify your role.

Have you been coaching a debate club? If yes, for how long? Please include how often you meet and your areas of concentration (preparation for competitions, current events, topics, debate methodology).

Contact Veronika Vlckova as soon as possible! The spots might be gone by the end of weekend!

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