Wednesday, October 13, 2010

News - IDEA: Staying Young in Zeeland

IDEA partnered with Scoop and Rabobank to organize a public debate in Middelburg on the 7th of October. The topic of the debate was “How to make Zeeland young”.
This debate was a follow up on the interest in debating and the topic of rural – urban migration generated by the IDEA Forum in Zeeland organized this year.
What makes Zeeland attractive to young people is a huge concern of the Province of Zeeland. Many young people leave the province once they have finished secondary school and do not come back as residents. Discussing and debating this issue is one of the steps directed at addressing it and this is why Scoop partnered with IDEA to promote the awareness of this issue among young people through the means of policy debate.

After a short workshop by IDEA trainers, more than 50 young people debated the pros and cons of life in Zeeland.
Elly Verkley, a consultant of Scoop said: ‘We got a lot of new information from them and what we saw is that these youngsters really liked debate.’
Representatives of sponsors and Dutch bank Rabo were very impressed by the workshops and debate and are thinking of sponsoring more such events.

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