Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sign Up - IDEA Exchange, Lithuania

International Debate Education Association and Debatai Programa Jaunimiji are organizing another IDEA Exchange in Vilnius: April 15-17th, 2011.

The broad theme of next year’s Exchange is Youth for Open Society. We would like to provide opportunities for young people to engage in discussions on what Open Society is and how they can become more actively involved in the promotion of its values. We would like to explore a few sub-themes during the Exchange: debate, media, social inclusion and diversity.

Just as in previous years, the Exchange will allow participants to participate in workshops and presentations as well as present their own projects, programs and share ideas.

Here is footage from the previous Exchange in Vilnius. We will be uploading a new site for Exchange 2011 and will keep you posted about the developments. In the meantime – if you would like to contribute any ideas to the program and methodology of the Exchange – please contact Marcin Zaleski at

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