Sunday, March 27, 2011

NFL-IDEA Korea Qualifier Results

Results from the NFL-IDEA Korea Guest Country Qualifier tournament are in. The tournament was held on Saturday, March 26 at the Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies. Many thanks to Eric Moberg and HAFS for hosting and running the tournament, Gil Busby for running tab, and Logan lending his assistance. This tournament would not have happened without their hard work.

Congratulations to the qualifiers and alternates!

Solo Interpretation (Combined Humorous/Dramatic)
Qualifier: Minkyeong Cho (HAFS)
1st Alternate: Jungmin Kang (HAFS)

International Extemporaneous Speaking:
Qualifier: Chang Hyun Choi (HAFS)
1st Alternate: Jooyoung Huh (Seoul International School - SIS)
2nd Alternate: Alex Lee (Korea International School - KIS)

Qualifier: Kayoung Lee (SIS)
1st Alternate: Moses Kim (Daewon)
2nd Alternate: ChangHae Kim (IIS)

Public Forum Debate:
1st Qualifier: Sung Chan Park / Jae Young Kim (HAFS)
2nd Qualifier: Brian Kim / Joshua Kim (SIS)
1st Alternate: Donghun Kim / Keon-uk Lee (HAFS)

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