Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Croatia holds international debate tournament in December

On Friday December 18th, debaters from Croatia, Romania, Moldova, Slovenia, Bosnia, and Montenegro will gather to compete in an international debate tournament, which will be held in Zagreb, Croatia. The tournament has filled its registration with 24 teams, who will debate in Karl Popper format and discuss the motion, "Multiculturalism is a threat for cultural identity."

The tournament is part of the "Have your say! Young Europeans shape their future!" project of the Academy of Central European Schools (ACES), which is also coordinated by the Intercultural Center from Vienna and UNESCO. As part of this project, the debate tournament has received many donations, and much attention from the media and individual institutions.

As the Croatia Debate Society was present at the 2009 IDEA Youth Forum, IDEA has been warmly invited to experience this exciting tournament. If all goes well, the Croatia Debate Society and ACES hope to make this into an annual event.

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