Thursday, November 05, 2009

Macedonia Open 2009 holds seventh annual international debate tournament

The Macedonia Open is an international debate tournament which takes place annually in Skopje, Macedonia. The seventh annual open will be hosted by the Youth Educational Forum from December 18-20, 2009, during which the organization will be celebrating its ten year jubilee.

The Macedonia Open offers an opportunity for guests to experience the culture and social life of the capital city, Skopje and the rich traditions of Macedonia. Held in English, the tournament will be conducted in Karl Popper debate format. The final debate is traditionally held at the Parliament building in Macedonia, where debaters are joined by high profile ambassadors, Parliament members, and other public officials. This year's resolution is "Intellectual Property Rights should be abolished." Last year, the tournament hosted more than 120 participants, from Macedonia, the surrounding countries, and from across Europe.

All interested debaters and coaches should apply no later than November 20th. To register, email either Petar Dimitrov ( or Sanja Stefanovik ( Participation fees of 25 Euros per person cover food and accommodations in Skopje. Visit the Macedonia Open 2009 Facebook page for more information.

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