Friday, June 11, 2010

IDEA helps youth organize debate over housing concerns in Hoogvliet, Netherlands

On Friday June 18, 2010, a debate concerning housing for young people will take place in Hoogvliet, the Netherlands. Organized in part by IDEA-Netherlands, this event will involve a debate between local youth, who have growing concerns about housing for youth in the area, and the representatives of the housing associations. Dutch politicians will also be in attendance, including Jacqueline Cornelissen (IBP) and Cor van Hulst (PVDA).

This public debate is unique in that it is organized by and for young people. In addition, the housing problem for young people in Hoogvliet is so urgent that the involved youth took the initiative into their own hands. First, they participated in a short debate training hosted by IDEA, and then took the knowledge they learned from the training to organize their own public debate. The youth invited politicians, helped prepare the flyers, took charge of publicizing the event, and are now helping to prepare other youths for the debate.

The issues for the debate will focus on the following questions: What is the current situation? How do young people live? How many stand on a waiting list? Are the houses honestly assigned?

The debate was organized primarily by Jalal Mouloudi and Patrick Ribeiro. The debate will be organized by JF Kids, U2 Events, and sponsored by VROM, Youth in Action and the International Debate Education Association.

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