Friday, June 18, 2010

Registration deadline nears for 2010 World Online Debating Championship

It is now exactly two weeks before registration closes for the second-annual World Online Debating Championship. One thing that lead to the success of the first WODC was the quality of the adjudicators. Two judges were World Champions, one was a European Champion, three had chaired the Worlds Council and two had been Worlds Council Chief Adjudicators.

In order to secure a similarly stellar line-up for this year's WODC, the Chief Adjudicator, Neill Harvey-Smith has recruited three deputies to aid in judging the debates. All three broke Worlds as judges and include Fred Cowell, a Europeans finalist, Loke Wing Fatt, a professional debate coach, and Rose Hellens-Hart, a debate coach at the University of Honolulu.

These judges will be dedicating their time to judge a difficult competition, and the judging team you'll face will ensure you'll benefit regardless of how the debates turn out. The World Online Debating Championship begins in August and ends in September, and each debate lasts five days, although participants don't argue for all of them. Participating in the WODC requires hard work and dedication to win, but remember, there is no great reward without great effort!

To secure your place in the one and only World Online Debating Championship, please send $20 per person or $100 per team to through PayPal. Each team may have an unlimited number of members, although six members are recommended per team. Bursaries are also available for qualifying participants, which can be applied for at the same email address.

The WODC is hosted by Debatewise, IDEA, and the OSI Youth Initiative. For more information on the 2010 World Online Debating Championship, click here.

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