Friday, March 26, 2010

Bosnia and Herzegovina Youth Leadership Program begins today

Eighteen students and three teachers will arrive today, March 26th, from Bosnia and Herzegovina to participate in the 2010 Youth Leadership Program in Salem, Oregon, USA. Hosted by IDEA, Willamette University, and the U.S. Department of State, the program explores the meaning behind democratic citizenship through workshops and active participation in the local community.

During the program, participants will attend the three-week Civic Education and Leadership Institute at Willamette University, which is located just across the street from Oregon's state capitol building. Participants will also attend some classes at local high schools, and visit non-profit agencies to engage in community service projects. The program will culminate in the Youth Leadership Festival, a debate tournament on April 20th for the students, who will debate with local high school students from Willamette Academy. Next, participants will travel to Washington, DC, to explore the capital city of the United States. The program will end on April 25th, when the students will return home well-equipped with new skills to lead the next generation of their country.

For more information, visit the Bosnia and Herzegovina Youth Leadership Program website. To stay updated on the program, visit the BiH YLP Facebook page.

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