Thursday, March 04, 2010

Debates gain interest at education conference in Belarus

On February 25, the "Education in Belarus 2010" conference took place at the Minsk Youth Palace, where many Belarusian and foreign educational organizations, institutions, schools and universities advertise their activities and services. One of the most interesting groups in attendance was a debate club, which offered people a chance to participate in sample debates. This attracted a variety of people including new and experienced teachers, and public and military school students. Before the sample debates began, the debate club gave a presentation about debate in Belarus and abroad.

Since many were new to the debate process, the debates were slow getting started, but by the cross-examination portion, almost everyone was eager and excited to join in. Even though not everyone had a chance to participate, this experience was influential for many students who wanted to join a debate club and improve their public speaking skills. This event was also important for educational administrators. Such events give momentum for developing debate clubs, along with other programs, and also work to develop active members of society.

~Batsenko Nikita, Gymnasium #7, Minsk, Belarus

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