Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Climate Advocacy Institute participants spread the message

As the 350 movement gains momentum, CAI participants are taking part in the many events and activities that are helping to achieve the goal. On September 21st, thousands of people from around the world took part in the Global Wake-Up Call; an alarm to world leaders to show the demand for a climate treaty this December in Cophenhagen. October 24th marks's Day of Action, an international effort to reach world leaders, in which activists are organizing events in their own communities. Here's how some of the CAI participants have been helping out with these and other events:

Begum, in Budapest, participated in the Wake-Up Call at Mu School (CEU) and also in Godo Square, one of most crowded and well-known places in Budapest. He is also helping plan an event for the October 24th day of action.

Participants gather at Wake-Call event in Budapest

Farah, in Lebanon, helped with a Wake-Up Call event in the Ein El-Mreiseh square, where a Climate Change Countdown Clock is to be erected. They called on Arab Heads of State to engage in the climate negotiations. Activists sounded their cell phones, honked their horns, played musical instruments, and held banners to get attention.

Bhuwan, in Nepal, is helping to organize the global premiere of "The Age of Stupid," a documentary on climate change. In addition, he helped with the South Asian Youth Summit on climate change earlier this month in Nepal.

Will, in Turkey, has been busy planning an October 24th Day of Action event there. He also helped out with the South Asian Youth Summit.

South Asian Youth summit shows support for 350 movement

Sarah, in Egypt, is collecting short film submissions on climate change for a music/film screening on October 24th. She is also participating in the World Wide Views Day on Global Warming in Egypt on September 26th, where citizens can vote on climate change issues and share their opinions with world leaders.

For more information on these events, and how you can participate in the 350 movement, check out the or the Climate Advocacy Institute website.

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