Tuesday, September 01, 2009

World Online Debate Championship rounding second

Since the WODC commenced on August 10th, debaters from all around the world have been deliberating and arguing their points about international topics. With the preliminary round and the first round settled, teams focused their attention last week on their new debate topics in the next round. Only sixteen teams moved on to compete in the second round; and there have been some close debates. The closest that stands is a tie between Scotland and Venezuela, whose topic is “All forms of gambling should be banned.” After the second rounds, qualifying teams will move on to the quarter finals. The finals will then be held until September 21st, when the championship comes to a close.

This debate championship is taking debate to a new level, utilizing new technology as forms of connecting debaters from around the world to discuss today’s controversial issues. Korey Pace, the team captain from the USA compared this tournament to others saying that it “calls not only for persuasiveness but also an ample amount of research,” and that “the information and feedback we have been receiving has simply just been unmatched to any other tournament we have competed in.” Each team is given 24 hours after their topic is announced to deliver their argument, which provides enough time for participants to perfect their debates- which in turn leads to difficult judging.

Congratulations to the following teams who won their debates in the first round: Estonia, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Mexico, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Scotland, Bosnia, Lithuania, Canada, England and South Korea (bye). The winners of the second round will be announced soon, as well as the teams who will be moving onto the quarter finals!

For more information on the World Online Debate Championship, visit the website or their Facebook page.

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