Monday, September 28, 2009

The People Speak Global Debates- Fall 2009

Get started now!
The People Speak Global Debates is a climate change dialogue that's taking place in high schools all over the world. You debate, speak for your community by writing letters to local representatives, and improve your community by completing a service project.

These are things you might do anyway, only the Global Debates is a competition with great prizes for the winners. If you win, your team will receive a trip to The Netherlands next summer for the IDEA Youth Forum — an awesome two-week debate event that brings together students from over 30 countries — and other incredible prizes!

It's easy to participate:
1. Register your high school team at
2. Hold a debate in a public setting during October or November on the topic: "When it cannot do both, the United Nations should prioritize poverty reduction over combating climate change."
3. Earn extra points by creating video PSAs, getting the participation of elected leaders, making a difference in your community, and more!
4. Submit your debate
5. Compete again in Spring 2010!

Special opportunity for new teams
If you haven’t participated in previous Global Debates, we have a prize just for you! After you submit your debate and points activities by November 30th, you’ll be entered to win six iPod Shuffles, enough for your teammates and coach!

Improve the Global Debates! If you haven’t participated before, let us know what we can do to help your team debate and submit points activities. Please tell us your thoughts with this quick survey.

Get ahead of the game
On your way to the Global Debates grand prize, don’t miss out on the IDEA Challenge, a special contest this fall. Challenge yourself by writing two compelling essays; one supporting the Global Debates topic, and one against the topic. Winners receive tournament fees for the 2010 IDEA International Tournament of Champions and 500 Global Debates points!

Additional Resources
To plan your debate and learn more about extra points, download the Fall 2009 toolkit. Take advantage of Debatepedia’s Global Poverty Portal, a comprehensive collection of evidence for and against this fall’s topic. You can also follow the Global Debates on The People Speak Website, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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