Thursday, September 03, 2009

Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) Action Week

Application Deadline- September 7, 2009

The FARE network, Football Against Racism in Europe, coordinates action against racism in and around football stadiums across Europe. Every year FARE, in partnership with the Union of European Football Associations, organize an action week where football fans, ethnic minorities and football clubs will stand united against discrimination. This year it will take place from October 15- 27th.

The wide range of activities supported will include the printing of banners, fanzines, leaflets and posters, the production of fan choreographies and banners, as well as the organization of stadium action and community days. There will also be specific anti-discrimination events such as matches, tournaments, and debates.

The emphasis of the FARE Action Week is to gain greater participation of ethnic minorities and migrants, inclusion of women and girls, and action against homophobia in the game. The network also aims to encourage more groups in Southern Europe to participate in the FARE Action Week. For practical ideas and hints, look at the suggestions in the application form.

The activity must:
• Take place between October 15 and 27th.
• Be related to anti-discrimination and football
• Involve migrants, ethnic minorities, or other targeted groups (fan groups, NGOs, asylum seekers, religious minorities).
• Include a partnership and involvement with a grass-root organization (fan groups, NGOs, schools, amateur teams).

In order to apply, you need to:
• Describe briefly the planned activities or events during the FARE Action Week.
• Provide details of the person/organization who will receive the grant in the financial sheet (The financial contribution will not exceed EUR 400 including taxes)
• Support action in as many European countries as possible, even if all activities in a single country may not be supported.

FARE provides small-scale funding for local initiatives during the Euopean-wide Week of Action from fan clubs, ethnic minority and migrant organizations, refugees and asylum seekers, amateur football clubs, anti-discrimination groups, schools and youth teams.

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