Friday, December 18, 2009

Application deadline for IDEA Youth Forum trainers was postponed to December 22nd.

Trainers’ Profile – requirements:
To perform this job successfully, the YF trainer must be able to perform satisfactorily in each of the below mentioned categories:
  • relevant experience in debate education (debate coach, debate trainer or debate teacher)
  • necessary skills and experience relevant to designing debate curriculum, preparation of educational materials (lesson plans, debate exercises and handouts) and researching materials
  • adequate computer skills (comfortable with navigating through www, operating with newsgroups, search engines, chats, blogs, etc)
  • reliable access to a computer with good internet connection
  • self-disciplined and motivated individuals, who are willing to learn
  • fluent in English, and able to conduct content sessions in English for an international student and adult audience
  • ability to devote at least 1 hr a week for preparation for the Forum during the period of February – July
Selection Procedure:
All prospective trainers are requested to submit their application form via email, which can be downloaded from the Youth Forum website ( Trainers that have already applied in previous years and would not like to add any new information are encouraged to use the short application form. If you have any questions please contact Veronika, the Forum Director (

Application forms:
Standard Application Form
Short Application Form (for returning trainers)
The deadline for applications is December 22, 2009!

The Curriculum Committee will be selecting 21 trainers that will be given the opportunity to become IDEA YF 2008 trainer. The trainers will also be selected specifically for the given track at the time of selection. The Committee will be also selecting up to 5 trainers that will be placed on the waiting list. These trainers will be not called to duty unless a selected trainer would fall out or additional trainers would be needed due to unexpected increase in the number of participants.

All candidates will be notified of their status by February 15th, 2009. Please make sure to follow the Youth Forum Website ( or sign up for the Youth Forum E-newsletter, to be informed about more details and updates on the Forum. To make sure you receive all the relevant information and also if you have additional questions, please contact the Forum Director.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Veronika Vlckova
Forum Director
For more information please visit Global Call for Trainers page.

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