Thursday, December 03, 2009

Submit your pictures to the Youth Forum Photo contest

As a month long contest throughout December, IDEA will be collecting pictures from past IDEA Youth Forums. The winning photos will be announced in the first YF e-newsletter in 2010. They will also be displayed on our websites, in the next Idebate Magazine and will also be used in the promotional materials of IDEA and the Youth Forum. The photos will also be presented in the venues of the upcoming 2010 Youth Forum in Zeeland, Netherlands!

Here are the award categories:
1. Oldest picture- comes from the oldest Youth Forum 2. Greatest number of the Youth Forum pictures- from the highest number of different IDEA Youth Forums
3. Most original picture- most original in thought, composition
4. Most diverse picture- portrays the diversity as the core characteristic of the event
5. Most funny picture- silly and fun in nature

All photos must come from the IDEA Youth Forum (please check the events' history here). Use of Photoshop and other design altering software is not allowed. Also, please make sure you have the right to use and publicize the picture before submitting it.

So send us your photos by December 31st! Submit your photos in the format of jpeg, gif, or tiff, and email them to Veronika, the Youth Forum Director. The committee that will be considering these pictures is made up of Crystal Jeffers (Communication Director of IDEA) and Veronika Vlckova (Forum Director).

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