Friday, December 18, 2009

The UYNGO Debate Academy wins "All-Ukrainian Youth NGO 2009" award

At the Ukraine "Youth Rating of the Year 2009" grand awards ceremony on December 2nd held at the Disco Radio Hall Club, the winners were announced among youth leaders from around Ukraine. After a month of voting for over 200 candidates, the results turned out five nominations for the following members and divisions of the Ukrainian Youth Non-Government Organization Debate Academy:

Lesya Orobets (Debate Academy Board of Trustees member)- "The Young People's Deputy 2009"

Anton Shtefan (member of Presidium of Debate Academy's Kharkiv Department)- "The Young Deputy of Country Council 2009"

Rhetoric Club "Maister Slova" (project of Debate Academy's Kyiv Department)- "Local Training Youth Project 2009"

Newsletter "Debaty po-Kyivsky" (project of Debate Academy's Kyiv Department)- "Youth Journal 2009"

And most of all- UYNGO Debate Academy- "All-Ukrainian Youth NGO 2009"

The president of the UYNGO Debate Academy, Olexandra Matviichuk, stated that this award is "the advance that we will have to prove by active civil work. Meanwhile, it is really important that debaters of Ukraine voted for UYNGO Debate Academy. This is our main victory-support and unity. This is the conclusive proof of the development of the debate movement in Ukraine."

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