Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Global Youth Panel members begin debating on Copenhagen Conference

Since the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen began on December 7th, 1,000 young debaters from over 130 different countries have come together to form the Global Youth Panel. The panel is utilizing Google's revolutionary new collaboration software, Google Wave, to debate the issues arising from the conference. These panelists are not only speaking to voice their own opinions, but have also pledged to speak for the concerns of their families, friends, and their generation.

Rajendra Pachauri, Chair of the IPPC and Nobel Peace Prize winner, expressed his support saying, “I commend the Global Youth Panel for thinking outside the box to provide a platform for the most important stakeholders in climate change; the youth to make their voices heard... I am particularly impressed with the global outreach of the panel and the large number of participants from across 100 nations. This promises to be an effective forum for spreading awareness and serving as a catalyst for energizing our society.”

The panel contains various voices, from those who have survived solely by picking a living out of mountains of rubbish, to those who live in comfortable homes in lofty suburbs. Panelists come from Israel and Palestine, North Korea and South Korea, USA and Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq. Nevertheless, these young debaters have left their differences aside to come together to discuss one of the major challenges facing all of us.

Until the the end of the conference on December 18th, panelists will go to GYP section of Debatewise to respond to motions posed by the issues being discussed at the conference. After the conference, the panel will be divided into their respective countries, and will discuss how the decisions made by our leaders will impact their own lives. The Global Youth Panel is sponsored by Debatewise, IDEA, and the British Council. For more information, click here.

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