Friday, December 18, 2009

Debate returns to Kosovo high schools with help from the Speak Up movement

Recently, the Speak Up movement in Kosovo has been actively working to return Karl Popper debate to high schools of the region. On December 15th, a debate was organized between the American School of Kosovo (affirmative) and the debate team from the Ferizaj municipality (opposition). High school students from both teams debated on the topic of compulsory voting, and many expressed enthusiasm for the opportunity to join a debate club. In addition to organizing high school debates, the organization will begin training debate judges and coaches in January 2010, and is also planning a National Debate Tournament set for May 2010.

To promote debate in the region, the Speak Up movement is working together with the Balkan Investigatory Reporting Network (BIRN), the local NGO's Initiative for Progress from the Ferizaj municipality, and Eye of the Vision from the Peja municipality. In addition, the organization has received a grant from the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society to work on the debate program. The Speak Up movement and its partners appreciate the support of IDEA in this process.

~Ramadan Ilazi, Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo

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