Monday, August 24, 2009

Check out what the Climate Advocacy Institute graduates are doing!

Participants at the Climate Advocacy Institute this past July used their creativity to share their ideas and create projects to spread environmental awareness. Now, these students are branching out into their own communities, using their ingenuity to promote sustainability and green living!

Some Institute alumni are now participating in a global competition called “Imagine,” hosted by GlobalFOCUS. This organization focuses on ways to influence policies and investments toward greener possibilities for the future. The “Imagine” competition is collecting positive visions for a bright sustainable future, where people live rich and fruitful lives without harming the planet. The best visions will be collected and presented to policymakers and stakeholders at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this December. This is an opportunity for participants to take what they learned at the Institute and implement it into global policies that will affect how we all live.

Climate Advocacy Institute graduates are creating original projects that helped spread the message of the 350 movement, which focuses on ways to lower the CO2 level to 350 parts per million. Many students have taken on leadership roles with that movement, and this competition is giving the students the same opportunity.

Good luck to all the participants and thank you for promoting a better future for our planet!

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