Thursday, August 20, 2009

Koboko District Debate Championship initiates debate into the region

Koboko witnessed the first ever District Debate Championship, organized by Koboko Youth Development as part of the Youth Empowerment through Debate project. The five-day event proved to be the climax of the debate project, as it attracted over 60 debaters and 15 debate patrons from 12 secondary schools in Koboko and the Mvara SS from the Arua District.

The main motion of the championship was “This house should abolish tobacco growing in the Koboko District.” Since the topic was familiar as a local issue, the students were able to gather facts and evidence for the debate rounds. The Koboko St. Charles Lwanga College took first at the championship for the ordinary level; and Day Star SS won at the advanced level. Each team took home medals and trophies for their outstanding performances.

All of the participants’ levels of debate were impressive, as most students only had one month of debate training from their schools. Dedication from the debate patrons and trainers from the Youth Debate League Uganda, as well as the enthusiasm from students, helped make this championship a success.

The honorable Ambassador James Baba, the minister of the Vice President’s office, was the guest of honor at the closing of the championship. He emphasized the importance of debate in shaping the lives of youth, and he was so impressed by the debate that he made a generous contribution towards the continuation of the debate initiative. Other guests included the District Chairman, the Assistant District Education Officer, the District Female Youth Councilor, and others.

The success of this event marks a new horizon for debate in this region!

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