Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I want to make a debate club

Countries PhotosFor Milos Dimitrijevic, this year’s Youth Forum was a home event. But he wasn’t waiting his whole life for the Youth Forum to come to Bosnia. In fact, he had only been debating for four days beforehand.

iDebate: How long have you been debating?

Milos: I've been debating competitively 4 days in April and here [at the Youth Forum]."

iDebate: How did you start?

Milos: I traveled to Salem, Oregon, for IDEA’s Youth Leadership Project. The project was about developing ideas for improving the community. I want to make a debate club, with help from IDEA, my school, sponsors, and the American embassy in Sarajevo.

iDebate: What has been your favorite part of the Forum?

Milos: I liked the Finals of the KPDC in the parliament and the free day in Sarajevo. In Sarajevo it was really easy and nice to show people around.

iDebate: Do you have anything to add?

Milos: All of my other debates were better than the ones that were filmed!

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