Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Youth Forum closing ceremony announces the big winners!

The Youth Forum closing ceremony took place on August 4, 2009. Those awarded at the final ceremony were not only those who won debate tournaments, but individuals who showed spirit and enthusiasm were also recognized. Here are the results from the 2009 Youth Forum:

Coach Spirit Award: Enas Al-Said (Jordan)

Special Recognition Award: Frank Hardee (United Kingdom)
For enthusiasm and contributions to the Coaches and Judges Track

Special Recognition Award: Adam Chrupczak (Poland)
For enthusiasm and contributions to the International New Debaters Track

Special Recognition Award: Valeryia Yussupova (Kazakhstan)
For enthusiasm and effort in the English as a Foreign Language Track

British Parliamentary Track Winners: Sten Andreas Ehrlich and Paul-Matis Tampuu (Estonia)
Top 3 Speakers:
Jan Buza (Slovakia)
Sten Andreas Ehrlich (Estonia)
Paul-Matis Tampuu (Estonia)

Mixed Team Finals Winners: Isabel Patkowski (USA), Zvjezdana Markovic (Bosnia) and Assel Baimukhametova (Kazakhstan)
Top 3 Speakers:
Isabel Patkowski (USA)
Toader Mateoc (USA
Cara Eckholm (USA)

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