Friday, August 14, 2009

WODC update on Day three

August 12 — Wednesday marked the third day of the World Online Debate Championships, a partnership between IDEA and Debatewise, which has teams from around the world debating from their homes.

Congratulations to USA’s STJ — New Kids on the Opp — who won their preliminary round in what was the toughest and strongest field of the three preliminary matches. They managed to both win their debate and get selected over their other three rivals as the best team out of two debates.

Their victory got a positive reaction from Korey Pace the team captain: "This tournament has already been a great learning experience for us because the format calls not only for persuasiveness but also an ample amount of research to back it up. We are looking forward to competing as long as we can in this tournament as the information and feedback we have been receiving has simply just been unmatched to any other tournament we have competed in."

Our other preliminary debate winners in China are, in their own words, "excited" to be competing in the WODC alongside Frances Chou, who is more experienced, and the team captain. They're a bit nervous to be competing against Scotland as, "I'm guessing they are somewhat experienced and we might be out-manned if they have a bigger team than we do. However, we will do our best and look forward to the challenge."

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