Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Mixed Team Tournament winners announced, Youth Forum wraps up

Team “UBC” won the Youth Forum's Mixed Team Tournament today in a 6 to 1 decision. The motion was, “A just society prioritizes rehabilitation over retribution in its juvenile justice system.”

“UBC” team, negative, champions: Isabel Patkowski, Zvijezdana Markovic, Assel Baimukhametova

“Hamburger Eating Horse” team, affirmative, runners up: Nauryzbay Auezov, Vlad Bocioca, Cara Eckholm

Congratulations to this year’s MTT champions, and many thanks to every debater in the tournament!

Right now, Forum participants are enjoying the Final Countdown Party, the culminating event.
For videos, updates and feeds, visit the Youth Forum website.

See you next year at IDEA Youth Forum 2010 in Netherlands!

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