Thursday, August 20, 2009

Climate Advocacy Institute participants taking action for the 350 movement!

The Climate Advocacy Institute has equipped its young leaders with the advocacy skills they need to make an impact. Together with the Climate Advocacy Institute partner, these activists are preparing for a true movement!

This past July, IDEA, Bloomfield College, and hosted the Climate Advocacy Institute in Turkey. This three-week Institute hosted students from around the globe. This year, it focused on the 350 movement — an international campaign inspiring people everywhere to help lower our atmosphere’s CO2 level to 350 parts per million. And October 24th marks a milestone in the campaign, as the organization has been planning for a Day of Action around the world. Some students from the Institute are not only becoming active in the campaign, but they're also becoming spokespersons for the movement. They're taking action in their own communities on October 24th.

In Panama, Franco Fong is helping raise awareness about the campaign by giving presentations at local schools and universities. He’s also helping plan a group hike at the Metropolitan Natural Park at the end of September. Nadim Haidar, in Lebanon, is organizing an event that includes “a large amount of people lining up on the sea shore, carrying a 350 banner, possibly followed by a short march.” He’s working not only with 350, but also with IndyAct, to get the youth from his region involved on the Day of Action. Vesna Velevska and Simona Jandrevska from Macedonia are going to “group human 350 on the city square,” and “form 350 from canoes on one of Skopje artificial lakes.” They’re working in collaboration with a local organization, the Youth Educational Forum, to host the event.

Students from Bloomfield College are also getting involved by forming the "Green Hearts Environmental Movement". This new organization is hosting events for, and is raising awareness by becoming official spokespersons for New Jersey. They're planning a Day of Action event called "On the Green at Bloomfield College", and they're spreading the word at other events such as Open Mic Night, various fundraisers, and Bloomfield's Harvest Fest in October.

Find out more about the movement and what you can do to spread the message in your community at And to simply find out how you can take part in the 350 movement, check out this guide on how to live greener. You can also watch the new Discovery channel — Planet Green!

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